Surprising Instance Of Actors Being Drunk On Set While Filming Their Movies

Surprising Instance Of Actors Being Drunk On Set While Filming Their Movies

Updated on August 03, 2023 10:59 AM by Andrew Koschiev

It's okay to have a little bit to drink, but coming to work drunk is usually not  allowed. Some actors have done a bad job in their roles because they came to  work drunk. Sometimes, they accidentally drank alcohol, and other times they  drank it on purpose to act like their character who was also drunk. 

Rajkummar Rao in City Lights  

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In the movie City Lights, actor Rajkummar Rao thought it was necessary to  actually get drunk during the filming of a scene to make it seem real and show  the true emotions of the character. 

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Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club 

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During their break from filming, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were spotted with  some drinks, hitting golf balls into the catering truck. Director David Fincher noticed them and used his intuition to capture them on camera and include them in the movie. The part of the movie that followed became the most memorable  and well-known scene. It's amazing how unexpected moments and spontaneous filming can make something really great. 

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter 

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Even though it might surprise you, even the actor Daniel Radcliffe, who played  Harry Potter, has been drunk while on the movie set. Sometimes, without  meaning to, the effects of alcohol from last night's party would stay with me for a long time. During an interview, he said, "I went to work while I was still drunk. " I can show you many times when I completely disappear. Empty or lifeless in the  eyes. I get hooked on things easily. "It was a problem. " Can you now identify these scenes after learning this information. We are confident that he did not  intend to be intoxicated on set. 

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