Steven Spielberg had to push Will Smith to join Men in Black

Steven Spielberg had to push Will Smith to join Men in Black

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Will Smith probably won't have made Men Dressed in Dark had it not been for Steven Spielberg. In the 1990s, The New Sovereign of Bel-Air star progressed from rap performer to television entertainer before becoming Hollywood's best and most sought-after Superstar.

The Oscar winner actor

And keeping in mind that the Oscar-winning entertainer appears to have gotten more press for slapping Chris Rock since the 2022 Foundation Grants, the entertainer lets Kevin Hart know that he wanted to star in Men Dressed in Dark.

From Ali (2001) to The Pursuit of Happiness (2006), to Emancipation (2022), to a number of the actor's most successful projects throughout his career, producer James Lassiter collaborated with Smith on a number of them. Get more information from

Career without impression

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However, while Lassiter might have hand-chosen Men Dressed in Dark for Smith to star in, one of the film's makers, Steven Spielberg, settled the negotiation on MIB. When Will Smith starred in the first Men in Black movie, he hadn't even turned 30. His resume could have been more impressive at that point in his career.

In any case, it took some persuading to get the Terrible Young Men and Autonomy Day star to wear the now-notorious dark shades and suit, and Steven Spielberg was the person who assisted in making it with working out. 

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