Steffy and Finn have a heartfelt reunion in Monte Carlo, and Deacon is horrified.

Steffy and Finn have a heartfelt reunion in Monte Carlo, and Deacon is horrified.

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In Monaco, Finn runs down the steps to a lady

Finn thinks she is Steffy, but it turns out she isn't; instead, she is being escorted away by her protective boyfriend. Taylor and Ridge exclaim in their hotel room how wonderful it is for Finn to be with the kids again as if it were all a dream. He has some sad news regarding Sheila Carter. "She's run away once more." The next phone Ridge receives from Finn, who is still looking for Steffy. They invite him to come and hunt with them.

Deacon ignores numerous pounding on the door

 In his cramped apartment back in Los Angeles, thinking Paul is asking him to cover another shift. He moves over and opens the door when he loses patience. Is shocked to see Sheila, too!

Deacon exclaims loudly, "Oh no, not today. No way!"Shiela cries out, "I need help." She begs him to grant her just a moment. Because I have nowhere to go, kindly don't turn me in. Steffy is visibly upset.

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While this is going on, Finn is irately staring at his phone 

As Taylor, Ridge, and Flavia, Steffy's therapist, enter. After hugging Finn, the woman reveals that Steffy has been taking long walks to combat her severe sadness. They dispersed to look. Deacon believes Shiela's attitude is what keeps her in problems. Deacon reminds her that she is not the victim in this situation as she laments about Steffy. He is curious about what transpired in the alley that evening and assumes Steffy has shot her. 

Sheila objects, saying that there was nothing she could have done 

At that time, other than leaving for good. "She has two small children, and you were happy with taking away their mother... taking both of their parents away?!" exclaims Deacon. That's what Sheila admits she didn't. Steffy thinks back to her relationship with Finn while resting on a stone bench. Ayda Field, a former Days cast member, stops and inquires about the woman's well-being and whether there is anything she can do to assist. 

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Steffy claims that no one can assist her

 The woman touches her palm and suggests that perhaps there is. Steffy turns her head as she walks away when the church bell rings."It's not that huge a place," as they separate to continue looking. Ridge introduces Taylor to a woman who is not her daughter, and Steffy's picture is shown to two women who have never met her by Ridge. Finn enquires, "Steffy, where are you?" as he wanders the streets of Monte Carlo outside. The church bell chimes, which he hears.

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Sheila begs Deacon to let her stay in Los Angeles

Deacon cannot keep a fugitive. He won't be coerced into this, she swears, and they won't even know she was there. Deacon queries whether she anticipates him forfeiting his independence for her.  "Nobody passed away. Finn and Steffy are doing well. Deacon believes she was fortunate, but that doesn't give her a free pass. Sheila contends that the weeks she spent thinking she had murdered her kid served as sufficient punishment. 

Steffy and Finn together and make them even better

Sheila recalls how she genuinely believed she had a chance to be a family member. Do you even hear yourself, Deacon asks? He questions whether he intends to continue cruising as if nothing occurred. Sheila says, "I need you," knowing that her request is excessive. Deputy Chief Baker suddenly begins banging on the door.

Taylor reassembles with Ridge in Monaco

Steffy is in awe when she first sees Finn. Both of them have failed to locate her. Just as Steffy leaves the church, Finn approaches it nearby. Finn yells out her name from afar.  As Steffy cries, "Finn, oh my God," her legs are about to give way from under her. How?!" They appear In disbelief. Finn's wife runs her hands over his shoulders and chest as he holds her before he pulls her back into another tight embrace.

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