Spoilers of General Hospital for the next two weeks: August 1 to 5 and 8 to 12

Spoilers of General Hospital for the next two weeks: August 1 to 5 and 8 to 12

Interesting days ahead

Updated on August 02, 2022 11:52 AM by Michael Davis

Interesting days ahead

New General Hospital spoilers for quite some time ahead from Monday, August 1, to Friday, August 12. The clock is ticking down as Trina anticipates the decision. We know she's blameless, yet might anybody at any point demonstrate her innocence? Paradise knows a ton of individuals will attempt. In the meantime, Spinelli tries to control Britt away from Cody, Sam opens dependent upon her lover, and Dante is entrusted with making a capture.

Monday, August 1

You won't want to miss this day as Trina stands up on her guard. In the meantime, the confrontation between Ava and Esme detonates even as Nikolas approaches his child.

Finn heads to the hospital so he can mind Elizabeth on her most memorable authority day back. An undeniably apprehensive Willow has inquiries for TJ as they anticipate the consequences of her most recent tests. However, something shocking is going to occur.

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Tuesday, August 2

Curtis will take the necessary steps to get new data. In the meantime, Trina's opportunity remains in a critical state, provoking Diane to put forth what may be a final desperate effort to demonstrate the young lady's innocence.

Something springs up from the openings of Elizabeth's recollections. What has Nikolas in a frantic test of skill and endurance to get to Spoon Island?

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Wednesday, August 3

Sasha's a close-to-home wreck when she runs into Nina at the Metro Court gardens. In the interim, Brando trusts that Sonny could offer him a few supportive valuable tidbits.

Cameron gets a moment's recap on the deal with Trina's preliminary.

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Thursday, August 4

Having no idea regarding reality regarding Dex, Sonny says he has a task for his most current representative. Dante is settling on huge conclusions about his future, remembering for the work front.

Carly realizes her girl is alright to see something eating at her. Things twisting wild at the Metro Court.

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Friday, August 5

Sasha's turning into a genuine risk for Deception, provoking Maxie, Brooklynn, and Lucy to take a gathering concerning the most recent Face of Deception news.

Gregory and Alexis made a "cordial" bet with each other, and today they'll get together to figure out who beat the competition!

Monday, August 8

Sonny is close by to offer girl Kristina his congrats. In the interim, his ongoing crush, Nina, desires to persuade another cook to join the staff of the Metro Court.

Dante needs to understand what Brook Lynn is doing. However, he could need to be more unambiguous, considering she's often messed up in more than one wreck.

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Tuesday, August 9

As they've needed to do a couple of times as of late, Sonny and Nina plunk down to discuss the situation with their relationship, however, the fundamental factors that they should face and attempt to survive.

Attracted, Carly goes to somebody with the ability when the wind requires exhortation on future business techniques.

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Wednesday, August 10

Well, at last, I realize Cody's piece better when he focuses on his past. In the meantime, Maxie, who most likely understands Spinelli better than anybody, attempts to sort out the exact thing that's happening with him.

The Cassadines are at long last making a full-court press where Spencer's goal is worried, with Nikolas and Victor endeavoring to persuade Alexis that she wants to buy into their trend.

Thursday, August 11

Austin lets Maxie know that he comprehends how she feels about family. Indeed, even as others would question Spencer's choice, he stays persuaded that he's made the best decision.

In the meantime, Joss and Trina attempt to take their psyche off everything happening around them by going through a day at the Metro Court pool. In any case, leaving one's inconveniences behind isn't tricky.

Friday, August 12

Britt's available to assist somebody with a physical issue. However, currently, he's needed to confront a few difficulties. Rory hasn't been on the Port Charles police force throughout that entire period. Today, he'll be given a troublesome task. In the interim, Dante needs to make a fantastic capture.

Curtis stresses over what this means for the young lady and mother, Portia, with it appearing to be increasingly more likely that the jury will get back with their decision. However, with the sands in the supposed hourglass rapidly running out, can she carve out anything in opportunity? Fortunately, Jordan is still looking into it.

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