So when will call the midwife season 10 be on Netflix

So when will call the midwife season 10 be on Netflix

Updated on November 15, 2022 16:59 PM by Ella Bina

Call the Midlife is one of the last few shows on BBC. It gets regular updates on Netflix in the US and other countries too.

It has been there since the last two seasons, i.e. Season 9 on Netflix. The obvious audience is waiting for Season 10 and thinking if it will be on Netflix and if yes, when?

Not only did PBS air the 11th Season of the show, but eight episodes of season 10 dropped on Netflix.

So here's everything you need to know.


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First premiered in January 2012. The most favourite BBC show would cover a story of the lives of midwives from East London from the 1950s till the 1960s.
So the show debuted season 11 in the US, and even seasons 12 and 13 are renewed.

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The creator of the show Heidi Thomas said the following in a statement

It's an incredible privilege to be able to look back on a decade of Call The Midwife and yet know that our journey is still very far from over

Okay, so first, let's understand if there is a season 10 of Call The Midlife

Well, yes, it's happening. Season 10 is happening, the show has been renewed, and BBC commissioned two more seasons. Season 11 of the show was wrapped after it aired Eight episodes on television in 2022.

Now with two more seasons, the clock will move backwards, which is the 1990s.

Now, we reveal the release date of the show on Netflix. Let us be clear we need to learn about the contract details of the show with Netflix.

We are saying this because, very recently, Netflix Canada lost all the seasons from the content library of the series.

In the same way, even Netflix UK witnessed the removal of all the show episodes from the platform in September 2021. The show is available on streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Britbox, and Sky.

Now Call the Midlife is available on Netflix but only in one region. It is the USA.

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So now, when will Call the Midlife Season 10 be on Netflix


Call the Midlife Season 10 was expected to be on Netflix in 2021. Netflix got some new series during the summer., hence Season 8 was added in May 2019, and season 6 was added in April 2018)

Moreover, some new seasons were added in September.

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How many episodes are there in Season 10

There are eight episodes in season 10 of Call the Midlife.

How to watch Season 11 of Call the Midlife

Season 11 was recently featured on PBS. New episodes are released on Sunday nights at 8 pm ET.

The Season is available to stream on the PBS website and the PBS app.

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When will season 11 be on Netflix

Season 11 was set to debut on Netflix, but the date still needed to be confirmed. Season 9 arrived on Netflix in September 2020. Season 10 debuted on Netflix in March 2021.

Season 11 of Call the Midwife will be on Netflix in mid-2023.

To Conclude

But the show was postponed for a while due to the filming and schedule delays. However, PBS aired season 10 in October 2021. But season 10, Call the Midlife, was on Netflix in the US on March 21st 2022.

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