‘Sister Wives’: The strain in Kody Brown and Meri's marriage has been ‘perpetual’ since day one, according to him

‘Sister Wives’: The strain in Kody Brown and Meri's marriage has been ‘perpetual’ since day one, according to him

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Kody Brown is providing a fresh perspective on his previous union with Meri Brown.

On Sunday's episode of Sister Wives: One on-One, Kody and Meri discussed the breakdown of their marriage in light of the recent revelation that they are no longer married after more than 30 years of marriage.

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Meri, 52, told anchor Sukanya Krishnan, "We have a lot of history and I love him. He has made the decision not to love me, to desire no part in a relationship with me, and to this point, to think of himself as not being married to me. We are situated in this manner, I think, for that reason.

The former couple, according to Kody, 53, entered plural marriage at an "early age" and were forced to "create a family" without the resources to do so.

"I got Meri, and it was a hard relationship from the beginning," he commented.

Then Kody began dating Janelle Brown, whom he referred to as his "benefit from dilution" or second wife. It damaged my relationship with Meri.

But he said that the multiple marriages had contributed to his issues with Meri since "we [were] pulling more people into a mess."

It was a "weird as hell" experience moving Janelle into Meri's home, Kody continued.

It is now triangulating, he claimed, because I am in a committed relationship with someone I don't even agree with.

The tension continued until we brought Christine into the relationship, but as soon as we had children, things looked to improve since we appeared to be working toward a more common goal.

Kody's first wife was named Meri. Their son Leon Brown was born in 1995 after the couple wed in 1990. Robyn Brown became his fourth and final wife when he eventually wed Janelle, Christine, and her.

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In November 2021, Christine, 49, and Kody declared that their spiritual union had ended after more than 25 years together. Recently, Janelle, 53, revealed that she and Kody had also called it quits. He is still legally married to Robyn, age 44.

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