Season 5 of Yellowstone will be divided into two parts due to its massive length

Season 5 of Yellowstone will be divided into two parts due to its massive length

Updated on November 26, 2022 14:25 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The Yellowstone Universe is being expanded significantly by ViacomCBS, thanks to a $200 million production deal with Taylor Sheridan. A second prequel series, 1932, is in the works. A second season for 1883 is on the way, and Paramount just announced Yellowstone Season 5 would be even better.

The most popular cable show will have 14 episodes next season, but we will only get some at once. Viacom CBS has expanded the next season of its most popular show by four episodes. In addition to splitting the show into two halves of seven episodes, Yellowstone Season 5 will include several new properties from Sheridan Entertainment, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The future of Paramount is guided by 'Yellowstone' Season 5

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The Taylor Sheridan Universe will now be shepherded by ViacomCBS, who will be Paramount Global. Investing heavily in Sheridan has already been highly profitable. Fans may be nervous that Yellowstone Season 5 will be split into two parts, but it will result in 14 episodes over the standard 10.

Yellowstone viewers are worried that oversaturation will be the end of the property. But if Sheridan keeps up his superb quality, there is little concern. Paramount's Yellowstone Season 4 is soaring in popularity, breaking multiple cable television records in 2021 and 2022. The studio is striking while the iron is hot. During the past season, Paramount Network averaged 10.4 million viewers, nearly unheard of for cable in an age of streaming.

The performance continues to be good on Paramount+

While 1883 continues to perform well on Paramount+ as the top streaming title worldwide, it outpaces all other Paramount properties. Due to this, Yellowstone's second prequel, 1932, was immediately greenlit, providing fans with insight into the in-between generations of Duttons during the Depression.

There's no rest for the wicked for all of the above, including the continuation of Yellowstone Season 5. However, there was a 10-month window of production for 1932, which for 1883 was also a challenge. Yellowstone is off to a flying start with three major-league episodes in its first three episodes. The show is aired on Paramount Network, where new episodes appear on Sunday nights. As for Hauser, he has headed home for the holidays. The actor has been touring the nation to promote the show's debut.

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