Sally and Adam will fool the Newman's with spoilers from Y&R

Sally and Adam will fool the Newman's with spoilers from Y&R

Updated on July 21, 2022 11:05 AM by Dhinesh

There is speculation that Adam Newman may have decided to go down the martyr route on Y&R. Since Adam left Newman Media, Victoria Newman fired his girlfriend, Sally Spectra, Adam insisted they had broken up when she told him she would fire her brother's girlfriend.

The decision was made to keep Sally (Courtney Hope) around since Victoria did not have an immediate candidate in mind. Adam's lie has now turned into the truth, so Sally must leave.

But is Sally the kind of shy and retiring woman who will simply give in after a man tells her she's done? Sally can easily imagine Adam telling her, "You're stuck with me, buster."

We can easily picture Sally telling Adam, "Uh, no, sorry, buster, you're stuck with me." There's no getting out. We need to think of an alternative plan now that Sally has explained they're not splitting up.

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Sally and Adam are sticking with their "we're so over" story. A private affair...well, what's hotter than that? The secret meetings, the smoldering looks, the hot reunion.

That will bring their relationship to a whole new level! Now if Sally were to fall pregnant and keep their secret...and need to concoct another we've got a story! This is a real soap opera story. The story revolves around a lovable couple!

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