RHOBH Fan Reactions to Jamie Lee Curtis' Dorit fangirling

RHOBH Fan Reactions to Jamie Lee Curtis' Dorit fangirling

Updated on July 27, 2022 15:43 PM by Anna P

Jamie Lee Curtis was introduced to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season 12 episode 11. This kind of event is not uncommon in The Real Housewives Universe, but Jamie Lee's presence amid the RHOBH cast was particularly exciting.

Dorit Kemsley was, however, the most star-struck. As co-star in the 1978 film Halloween, Kyle knows Jamie Lee. The two have remained friends over the years, and Kyle even appeared in Halloween Kills, the latest movie.

As a way of bringing comfort to those suffering from COVID-19, Jamie Lee created her charity My Hand In Yours. Kyle's luncheon guests were shown some of My Hand In your gifts, and Jamie Lee donated some of them to the hospital.

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As everyone gathered around the table for food, Dorit said, "We are so glad to be with you.". Jamie Lee revealed each piece of merchandise, revealing Dorit's apparent love for the star.

Dorit's choice of terms was "chic" for most of the items: "That is the chicest wind chime I've ever seen." Clips from RuPaul's Drag Race have appeared in many contexts over the years.

The clip below was posted by Twitter user BIBLEGIRL222 to refer to Dorit's communication with Jamie Lee on RHOBH. The fans were obsessed with Dorit's excitement during Jamie Lee's show.

NBC sketch and comedy show, Saturday Night Live, as compared to the exchange by Twitter user realangel_dorit. The entire scene felt more like a comedy skit than an episode of The Real Housewives, and some viewers liked it.

The reaction of Kyle showed that she was not expecting Dorit to respond so enthusiastically. Dorit had the opportunity to take advantage of, and some felt she was taking the advantage of.

According to Lowell ash, Dorit might have been trying to flex her acting skills in front of some Hollywood superstars by overly impressing her. The other user, oh Chadwick, didn't blame Dorit for her fangirling: "I can't even make fun of Dorit for sucking up to Jamie Lee Curtis," he said.

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