Prince William's rumored affair was trending on Twitter

Prince William's rumored affair was trending on Twitter

Updated on July 30, 2022 14:45 PM by Anthony Christian

Prince William is hot news again

As a result of a Deuxmoi piece, the speculations regarding Prince William's alleged liaison became hot news (again!) on Thursday. 

Keep in mind that all of these rumors are unconfirmed by the Instagram account, so proceed with caution as you read the following. Although Twitter went all out with news of Prince Willaim's affair, we don't know how accurate the word is.

A "salacious" story about a "British royal's extramarital affair," which is an "open secret in London and among the English aristo set," is shared in the anonymous Deuxmoi contribution.

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The Royal Prince has an extravagant affair

"At a recent media gathering, I was told the underlying reason for the affair was the royal's fondness for pegging, something the wife is too traditional to partake in," the informant stated. 

The statement is followed by the news that "the wife doesn't mind her [the affair partner] and prefers her husband getting his sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere, as long as they don't become emotional, which was the situation with the last woman."

There are finger-pointing royal watchers all across the world after hearing that tidbit. Twitter flooded with the news of Prince William's affair.

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Prince Williams's affair with Rose

That information seems to hit a nerve with royal watchers worldwide, who blame the Cambridges for their alleged marital problems following William's romance with Rose Hanbury.

Naturally, this juicy yarn only served to fuel Twitter, where the hashtags "#PrinceWilliamAffair" and "#PrinceofPegging" were trending worldwide.

Fans support Prince Willaim

The surprising story also encouraged the fan bases (Team Cambridge vs. Team Sussex) to voice their opinions. I don't care if Prince William engages in extramarital affairs, one Sussex Squad fan commented, diving directly into the heart of the family conflict.

 I don't care if he like being pegged occasionally. However, I find it disturbing that he and his Wife exploited Meghan as a diversion.

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The opposition is furious

In the opposing camp, a supporter of the Cambridge family claims that this is a ruse to deflect attention from the current reports between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, adding, "#princewilliamaffair & Pegging Trending."

After criticizing his brother, Prince William is the target of a planned smear attempt today to distract attention from the fact that he used government funds in his court. I know that Kate is envious of William because he is such a cool guy. #PrinceWilliamIsAKing."

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Funny remark

But with his funny remark, "Man, the next season of The Windsors is going to be lit, and The Crown's going to have to clock in an NC-17 series," comic Richard Jeter may have won the Twitter battle.

Prince William's reported extracurricular activities may never be proven true. Still, they show that the royal family may not be as protected from rumors as they believe. The U.K. media may choose to ignore some royals, but social media is changing the PR landscape for everyone.

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