Pat Sajak wrestles a Wheel of Fortune contestant on air

Pat Sajak wrestles a Wheel of Fortune contestant on air

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Pat Sajak wrestles a Wheel of Fortune contestant on air(Image Credits:Hindustan Times)

The Wheel of Fortune episode on Tuesday, Walk 21, 2023, was incredible. Not because challenger, proficient grappler, and show educator Fred Fletcher-Jackson dominated the main ideal match of 2023. 

Yet additionally because host Pat Sajak offered a novel celebratory second for the champ, leaving watchers confused. After Fred offered the triumphant response and brought in a colossal monetary prize, the Wheel of Fortune candidate was overwhelmed with feeling as he embraced his dad. Find out what's new on

Victor recently discovered

Toward the end of the episode, Pat Sajak held him in an armlock and stranglehold as a festival component. The victor had recently uncovered that he sought the support of wrestling for entertainment only. Wheel of Fortune circulated a Hawaiian-themed episode on Tuesday, Walk 21, 2023. 

Watchers were acquainted with Fred Fletcher-Jackson as one of the competitors. He wore a few caps immediately, as he was a show educator, a bar of random data, and a support of a grappler. Nonetheless, the contender conceded that he took up the game "for entertainment."

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Several minutes left to play

The hopeful tackled each riddle throughout the episode and laid out an ideal game. In the reward round, he speculated the last riddle in three fast endeavors for the "Expression" class with a couple of moments left on the board. He won an extra $40,000 and brought back an astonishing monetary reward of $75,800.

The Wheel of Fortune champ was very personal and celebrated the success of embracing his dad. As he praised his success, Pat Sajak asked the crowd. After they asserted themselves, the Wheel of Fortune attempted to handle Fred.

Show related Instagram video

Show related Instagram video(Image Credits:Hindustan Times)

Pat originally bowed the candidate's arm despite his good faith and snatched him in the face with his other arm, placing him in a stranglehold like in wrestling. The champ additionally flippantly went about as though he was battling.

Fans, in any case, were left very confused by the episode and took to online entertainment to communicate their responses. In an Instagram video posted by the show on its virtual entertainment page, Pat's little girl Maggie Sajak talked with Fred about his success. He portrayed his success in a single word: "shell shocked."

One of his assumptions was unimportant

Nevertheless, Fred uncovered that the triumphant Wheel of Fortune was the most unimportant part of his assumptions. At the point when Maggie requested that Fred think about her dad Pat Sajak's wrestling abilities, alluding to the viral stranglehold.

Before Fred, the last time a contender won Wheel of Fortune was in December 2022, when Ricky Gilbert dominated the ideal match and, surprisingly, the reward round to bring back an excellent monetary reward of $89,120.

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