Pardison Fontaine Supports Meghan There Stallion Through The Tory Lanez Trial

Pardison Fontaine Supports Meghan There Stallion Through The Tory Lanez Trial

Updated on December 24, 2022 12:05 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Solidarity for Women

Pardison is sharing the message of Solidarity with all the women out there. Most importantly, to the black women.

Pardison is a staple for Meghan Thee Stallion

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Her boyfriend, Pardison, is an artist and songwriter. He has been a part of her inner circle for the past two years. He has been for Meghan through the felony assault trial against Tory Lanez. He shot Meghan during an altercation in July 2020. 
Even though Meghan is the victim, she has been part of all the misinformation and backlash for speaking of the hurt she faced.

Meghan's boyfriend, Pardison, spoke of the extensive backlash and threat women like Meghan face. Sometimes they take a step away from seeking justice. On his Instagram, he wrote a rather heartfelt message stating. His heart wrenches for the women who face injustice and, more precisely, if they are of the same color as Meghan. 

He added that when women find the courage to speak up, they feel ridiculed by society. Society questions their credibility, and their past is used against them.

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The Trial on December 12 

Meghan's trial began on December 12, and she spoke for more than three hours. She told me about her terrifying reaction. The public reacted badly because Meghan felt she should have been killed on the spot.

Meghan is petrified as, to date, she has to be clear that she isn't lying or gaining sympathy. The story is nearly based on whom Tory is sleeping with. Meghan says she has no clue what is even important.

From the statement, Pardison highlighted some important points related to Meghan's testimony on victim shaming. 
From a victim, a person can become a defendant in the eyes of the public. He adds that he wishes for the safety of every girl, daughter, woman, and wife in this world.

Earlier, Meghan spoke about how her past life had taken a toll on her. She had an extreme trauma it could form a blockade, and she is appreciative that Paridison stood with her.

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