Orlando Bloom wasn't detained, though: Conspiracy on TikTok confounds users

Orlando Bloom wasn't detained, though: Conspiracy on TikTok confounds users

Updated on January 03, 2023 22:12 PM by Michael Davis

Some viewers mistakenly believe that Pirates Of The Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom has been detained due to a trending TikTok video. Let's disprove these assertions.

Since its global inception more than four years ago, TikTok has gained notoriety for various things, including dance videos, comedic sketches, and spreading conspiracies. The online platform for short-form videos is renowned for being a hotbed of conspiracies, from celebrity rumors to wacky philosophical interpretations like the Lucky Boy Theory.

The most recent "hot take" being spread by users of the video app TikTok is that British star Orlando Bloom has been detained. Just to let any worried fans know, Bloom hasn't been.

Let's examine the origins of this myth and the reasons why some fans are perplexed due to a mix-up involving "Orlando" stars.

Orlando Bloom's supporters are concerned that he has been arrested due to a TikTok conspiracy

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Several celebrity conspiracy theories posted on TikTok to start the new year are now going viral. As of the time of publication, the contested video, which claims that Orlando Bloom has been "arrested," had over 2.7 million views.

The user has inserted references to recent news events, such as Andrew Tate's arrest in December, even if they claim that these are only conspiracies (it is one of the hashtags in their movie). Some TikTok users need clarification about which accusations are true and which are just conspiracies this.

In response to the video, one viewer said, "When I tell you I GASPED at Orlando Bloom."

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Orlando Bloom is not currently in custody

Orlando Bloom has not been arrested, contrary to the fears of people concerned about this. Orlando Bloom and Orlando Brown, who plays Raven on That's So Raven, was mixed up in the TikTok video.

One TikTok user instantly identified this error in the comments, claiming that the video developer mistook Orlando Bloom for Orlando Brown. The original video's creator responded, "Yeah, I repaired the misspelling, I was too weary to notice it," acknowledging the misunderstanding.

Actor confusion results after Orlando Brown's arrest

According to a police spokesperson speaking to The New York Post, Orlando Brown was arrested on December 22 after the Lima Police Department got a call reporting a scuffle. As of December 27, the 35-year-old was still being held on suspicion of aggravated threats.

Early in the new millennium, Brown shot to stardom as a cast member of Disney Channel programs. He first appeared as Sticky Webb in The Proud Family before taking on the role of Cornelius Fillmore in Fillmore. However, Brown's role as Eddie on That's So Raven is what made him most well-known. He hasn't been in a film in almost ten years.

Orlando Bloom's name was mentioned in connection with Orlando Brown's arrest before the trending TikTok video became viral. Imagine being arrested in Fort Wayne and meeting Orlando Bloom in your detention cell; LOL, a Twitter user captioned a photo of Brown's mug shot in December.

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Orlando Bloom continues to live a free and content life in California

Actor Orlando Bloom, a native of Canterbury, Kent, has recently moved to California from the historic English city. Two years after relocating to Los Angeles, Bloom switched from Beverly Hills to the more sedate Montecito, where he now resides with his partner, Katy Perry.

The actress and musician became engaged in 2019 and welcomed Daisy Dove Bloom, their first child, in 2020.

Orlando Bloom posted on Instagram on January 2 to greet his followers and friends a happy new year. On a windswept beach, Bloom declared that he was "living the dream." In light of this, it is rather certain that Orlando Bloom has not been detained, despite what TikTok may have you believe.

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