OMG! David Hyde Pierce Won’t Replay Niles in Frasier Reboot

OMG! David Hyde Pierce Won’t Replay Niles in Frasier Reboot

Updated on November 25, 2022 16:53 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The Frasier Reboot

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David Hyde Pierce will not be with Kelsey Grammer in the Frasier reboot, but Grammer says our dear psychiatrist will have an amazing time even without his younger brother.

“David decided he was not interested in repeating the performance of Niles,” Grammer told People. Fortunately, the hitch forced the Fraser writers to think up a more amazing plot for its primary character than a stale cast reunion. “In a very comic way, it just took us to the latest place, which was what we initially wanted to do anyway, which was a Fraser third act,” Grammer said. “It’s a completely new life for him.”

Frasier Reboot 11 Seasons 

Frasier ran for 11 various seasons from 1993 to 2004. Once the satire ended, Hyde Pierce went on to work in theatre, most recently appearing in the HBO Max seasons Julia. In a June chat with Vulture, the actor looked at the past on Frasier fondly, offering a surprisingly level-headed viewpoint on whether or not reboots work.

That whole time of his life, the writing on those shows, and the actors he got to work with are all deeply important to him. And he would never disrespect that in such a way as to say just offhandedly, ‘Oh, no, thanks. He is not going to do that again.’ It’s too valuable to him, Hyde Pierce said. 

But by the same token, it’s so invaluable to him that he wouldn’t do it, do it. And he believes it can be done without him, too, finding the latest stories to tell, in the same way, that Frasier did after Cheers. They did not moot along with the Cheers gang to make the latest show. They cracked in from time to time, and that was amazing, but something else needed to be said, and it needed to be said differently. And maybe they will find that, and he will be in it, or maybe they will find it and won’t need him to be in it.

The Practice For Frasier Reboot 

Practice for the Frasier reboot, which will air on Paramount+, begin in February. The latest series comes from writers Joe Cristalli (Life in Pieces) and Chris Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and will limn the primary character in a new city. He is our brave little soldier that continues in life, finding new challenges and love and new people and a new city and stuff like that, Grammer said. He is very excited about it; they will always honor the past. They must honor that John Mahoney died and that Martin is no longer with us. They will be dealing with that for sure.

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