Nick Mohammed Emmy Nominee On 'Ted Lasso' Season 3 And The Fan Interaction He 'Couldn't Believe

Nick Mohammed Emmy Nominee On 'Ted Lasso' Season 3 And The Fan Interaction He 'Couldn't Believe

Updated on August 20, 2022 08:49 AM by Anthony Christian

Nick Mohammed never thought he was a two-time Emmy nominee or had a beloved celebrity's support.

After receiving an Emmy nomination for supporting actor in a comedy series, the Ted Lasso actor says he wasn't expecting it the first time and wasn't expecting it the second time.

I almost haven't had time to think about it because we're still filming, obviously, and it's just delightful, he shares in this week's issue. I haven't considered that it was the second time, even. It's just nice. It is more like, just to me, the show has done so well, and I'm just very grateful for being a part of it.

Nominations Announcement

On the day the nominations were declared, Mohammed says he was on the playground with his two children while his wife and agent were sneakily viewing the live stream. But they were disappointed when his category wasn't announced.

Then, I started getting some texts from friends who had either gone onto the website or Twitter or something, and so yeah, it was delightful, he recalls.

I was shocked and pleased, but many of the Ted Lasso gang have been nominated, particularly Toheeb, in that category and Brett. Yeah, it was lovely.

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Ted Lasso’s Last Episode On Apple TV+

After the final episode of Ted Lasso's second season dropped on Apple TV+, the actor received a DM from a lucky fan.

When the season 2 finale aired, I was actually in America, and I was away from home doing a film, so I was missing my family and stuff, Mohammed recalls.

Lin-Miranda Twitter Message

But Lin-Manuel Miranda sent me a  message on Twitter, and I was like, 'Oh my goodness,' because the whole family is big Hamilton fans, everything he's done really, and that was the best thing.

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And then we had a video clip of my son, who is six, singing the opening to Hamilton, including a lot of the worst language, he notes with a laugh. Mohammed notes that there's been increasingly less pressure and attention on the show as it resonates with more people. And so I just sent it to him, and he sent something nice back, and I could share that with my son and wife. And so that was incredible; I couldn't believe it.

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Reason For Ted Lasso's Nomination

You see so many people, in general, praising the show, he explains of the Ted Lasso, which was nominated for outstanding comedy series for the second consecutive year.

Mohammed adds: I feel very lucky to be a part of a show that's positively affected many people, which has been great. The show's reach has been out of this world of people who say that the show was triggering for them but in a positive way. It allowed them to reflect on things that had happened to them.

Mohammed says he's excited to celebrate with his nominated costars this year, including Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, and Juno Temple, as the series is up for 20 Emmy nominations after sweeping at last year's ceremony.

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The Emmys, I think last year was, from what I gather, a much smaller affair, whereas this year, it feels like it'll be fun to go out, he explains. I think we're going out as a whole cast to enjoy it like it was intended before the global pandemic. So that'll be a real treat. On how his character Nate took a villainous turn in season 2, Mohammed says it was enjoyable and strange to play a different facet of his role.

It was fun because, as an actor, you relish an opportunity to try something different. It was certainly challenging in that if I had a comfort area, it was in doing the slightly bumbling, awkward Nate, which I was able to find my way through that a lot easier because there were lots of jokes written into that, he explains.

But then, increasingly in season 2, there were fewer written jokes for Nate and more emotional dramatic-driven plots for him, particularly in the latter half of season two, so it was challenging.

And then to find myself be the piece's villain, I guess second to Rupert, who's the ultimate villain; it's a fun place to start season 3 from, that's for sure, he adds.

Teasing what viewers can expect to see of his character in season 3, Mohammed says, He started as the underdog and was probably bullied for a lot of his life and finally gets that confidence boost. It's turned sour, and season 3 is certainly as much of a roller coaster for Nate. He adds: Expect the unexpected with Ted Lasso because many things are being turned on the head again.

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