Mayim Bialik fans criticize her hosting style & express fury as she's STILL hosting over Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!

Mayim Bialik fans criticize her hosting style & express fury as she's STILL hosting over Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!

Updated on July 05, 2022 18:16 PM by Anna P

Mayim, 46, didn't exactly ignite the Internet when she walked onto the famed blue-purple Jeopardy! stage. In the end, fans largely preferred Ken, 47, after a season of split hosting. In 2004, he was the winner of 74 straight games and many consider him to be the natural successor to Alex Trebek, who passed away in 2012. By the end of Season 38 this month, the permanent hosting decision will be made, but tonight's exit shocked many, not to mention what ensued. It appears that dozens of people took issue with tonight's flow or lack thereof, particularly her slow ruling on responses. An online critic complained about the response time today. "Two seconds, seven, who knows?" The last game Ken played was in early May, after which he tweeted he'd take a break for "months." Her eighth week as host wasn't an exaggeration; this was her eighth game hosting. Another wrote, "I can't wait to see Ken Jennings again once Mayim is over.". Fourth, a harsh commentator claimed, "Ken returned today as described in a previous post.". I'm disappointed Mayim is still hosting. Let's hope these are her final two weeks of hosting." There was a blank slate earlier this week for TV listings.

According to rumors, Ken is rumored to return for the last two weeks of Season 38. He is scheduled to return on July 18th, when the show returns. There was, however, one silver lining for Ken fans, and that was the new champ Yungsheng Wang who was dressed in a silvery grey suit and bowtie, representing the Los Angeles Public Defender. In Final Jeopardy, he won $11.8K and wagered $11K, nearly everything. Although he trailed Andie by just $400, he was quite ahead of returning champ Eleanor. His only correct response resulted in a $22K finish and he could not contain his excitement. "No way!" Yungsheng cried as he held his center podium. "Oh my God!" he added. Following Alex Trebek's tragic passing in 2020, Ken and Mayim began filling in for a fleet of celebrity guest hosts during Season 37, among them now-disgraced Mike Richards. When Ken made his first appearance, the show's ratings nearly doubled to 9.7M viewers. During the time when Mayim took over her hosting duties during college championships, the number of viewers fallen to 5.9 million and she has not been able to surpass Ken's ratings since the end of Season 38.

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Despite the fact that fans find Mayim to be a perfect plucky presence, hundreds of fans have complained about how off-putting she can be during typical Q&A sessions, her uncharacteristically slow response time to contestants, and her controversially erroneous games in comparison to Ken. A player's signature on FJ was ruled sloppy even though Mayim seemed to have written "Harriet Tubman" in her signature, and Mayim faced fan backlash for it. As well as that, despite the fact that it was not the actress-turned-host's fault, there was still a typo that made its way into Final Jeopardy just days after the misspelling snub, which couldn't have been worse timing. Also, she recently made an off-color joke about marijuana and appeared to misunderstand Queen's legacy. Mayim has been criticized for having difficulty multitasking on stage - which isn't an easy task, admittedly. Earlier, someone tweeted that she has an off-beat cadence. It's unsettling to watch. I just can't keep up with that so I had to stop watching," she said.

Mayim Bialik, who is most famous for her role as an actor-producer-writer-director (!) on the CBS show, surprisingly announced in May, "I'm leaving the keys to her for a few months, but I'll return before the end of the season." In the meantime, he's been 'lei-ing' low in Hawaii and at home in Seattle, Washington - although he says he's already been asked to tape more episodes. Executives have hinted that the actress may host spinoff shows in the near future, perhaps with Buzzy Cohen. As a clue, Ken accepted a Daytime Emmy award in June alone without Mayim, who was also not in the montage - and her sitcom has been renewed. If so, Ken would host the main show and the franchise would have "multiple hosts." In fact, Mattea Roach, who held the streak for May 2022, expressed a desire for Ken to return to hosting one day before he announced his hiatus. In an interview with Vulture, she said that she enjoyed being on stage with the greatest player of all time.

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