Matt Roloff announces death of his father

Matt Roloff announces death of his father

Updated on August 04, 2022 23:18 PM by Sally Harbor

Sad news 

This Monday, the fans of the show Little People, Big World received bad news as the main character of the show Matt Roloff announced the death of his beloved father. This season of the shown has been quite a hard ride for the Roloffs as they have navigated a lot of feuds. Usually, in the show, Matt's parents made appearances quite frequently, but they were noticeably absent this season.


The Roloff family has been a fan favorite from the TLC show Little People, Big World as they portray their wholesome values and fun family dynamic. The TLC show has been on the air for over 23 seasons, and fans have not yet tired of their family struggles or farm shenanigans.

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Divorced, Married and moved on. 

Matt and Amy’s relationship has seemed quite a ride since the start of their relationship and they finally had a divorce after viewers watched for seasons as their relationship became strained.All four of the couple's children have married and moved on from the farm. Even though arguments have taken over, one staple always stood the test of time, the Roloff grandparents.

Ronald James Roloff 

Matt Roloff took to his Instagram handle to share the devastating news to his fans and shared that his father Ronald James Roloff who was 84 years old is no more. The ten Roloff children referred to him as ‘Papa’ and Matt mentioned with a heavy heart that he had gone peacefully to sleep. Ronald left behind a wife who he had been married to for 63 years. Matt shared with Little People, Big World fans that he was by his father's side along with his mother and some of the grandchildren.

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On July 21, Matt Roloff revealed to the show’s fans that his father was battling chronic lymphatic leukemia, noting Ronald needed to undergo some chemo treatment. He had also mentioned that Ronald was also battling blood cancer at the same time and Matt's mother also suffered injuries from a fall. Ronald went on to receive weekly chemo treatments, and his numbers improved. However, after Ronald's death, Matt did not divulge whether or not Ronald passed away as a result of his cancer battle.

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Hard times 

The Roloff family has been going through some tough times this season. The Little People, Big World fans watched the previous season’s finale as Amy had accused her ex-husband of going mad after pricing their two boys out of the farm. Extreme property mark-up has caused issues between Matt, Zach, and Jeremy, who all wanted a piece of the pie. Now with negotiations on hold, Matt has to conduct his father's funeral.

Proud and happy 

As the show’s fans already know, Ronald was very proud of Matt and always enjoyed visiting the family farm. Without a doubt, his legacy will continue on, thanks to Matt's memories and perseverance.

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