LPBW Will Return and Roloff Farms Will Have a Pumpkin Season in 2022

LPBW Will Return and Roloff Farms Will Have a Pumpkin Season in 2022

Updated on July 25, 2022 14:00 PM by Anna P

The Roloff farm purchase

Amy Roloff and a friend participated in an Instagram Live session where Amy Roloff addressed questions from fans and discussed her ex-husband Matt's contentious decision to sell a significant chunk of Roloff Farms. Amy shared details of the Pumpkin Farm.

She also shared information with viewers about the show's future and the renowned "Pumpkin Season" at Roloff Farms. Amy predicts that there will be another season of "Little People, Big World" and another pumpkin season. Amy is excited to shoot.

She stated, "We are currently filming, and I assume we are filming for more episodes. I'm thrilled that we're shooting for yet another season. But I can't control what the network will do with that material. Therefore I can't handle it.

Amy enjoys the trips. The trip continues, and it will be pretty intriguing to see what that journey entails, so I hope you guys keep watching the show, she continued. The big announcement. If the season does air, as it has in the past, it might not air until March or April [of the following year], depending on what we are filming.

We find out when they make the announcement [about a new season], too," she remarked. New season and Pumpkin farms. That fresh material will probably feature scenes from the forthcoming pumpkin season at Roloff Farms. Amy has already said there will likely be a pumpkin season in 2022.

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Amy shared more details of the season

During the Instagram Live session, she went into more detail. She confirmed that she would attend the Helvetia, Oregon event and meet with fans. Amy promotes the Pumpkin season. According to Matt Roloff, pumpkin season will still take place," Amy remarked. "

If you plan on visiting during this year's pumpkin season, email me and let me know when you'll arrive. Weekends in the Pumkinseason.I haven't decided if I'll be there every weekend; I'm not sure. If you plan to visit during pumpkin season, let me know.

A new Pumkin season at Roloffs.Fans know that most of Season 23 focused on Matt's choice to sell Roloff Farms rather than do it to either of his sons, Jeremy or Zach, who were interested in purchasing it. 

Roloff Farm has no buyers. The other children of Amy and Matt, Jacob and Molly, did not desire to buy the family farm. But on Friday, Matt commended Jacob, his wife Isabel, and their son Mateo for raising the most recent batch of chicks to be born on the farm.

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Matt's views of the farm on social media."Thank you, Izzy … with Mateo's help the agricultural aspects of @rolofffarms are coming back to life right before my eyes. #eggcity #gardenabundance," Matt wrote in the comment section of a post on the Roloff Farms Instagram account.

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