'Love Is Blind' Production Company Responds to the Lawsuit Against Jeremy Hartwell

'Love Is Blind' Production Company Responds to the Lawsuit Against Jeremy Hartwell

Updated on July 16, 2022 12:56 PM by Ava Sara

Mr. Hartwell became involved

Less than a week into the second season of Love is Blind, Mr. Hartwell became involved.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Hartwell's adventure ended because he could not establish a meaningful relationship with any other participant. 

 Kinetic Content said, "We will fiercely defend against these claims."

The Chicago native filed a lawsuit against Netflix and its producers, alleging that they mistreated the cast members of the reality series.

The University of Michigan alum claimed in court documents they only provided"hydrating drinks like water were strictly limited to the cast during the day," adding that "the only drinks that regularly provided to the cast were alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, energy drinks, and mixers."

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The cast wasn't allowed to call family

Additionally, according to the documentation, cast members were forbidden from calling their friends and relatives as soon as they arrived. 

The court documents stated that, on occasion, the defendants left the cast members alone for hours without access to a phone, food, or any other kind of communication with the outside world until they were compelled to resume working on the performance.

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The show Intentionally underpaid the cast

The show "intentionally underpaid the cast members, deprived them of food, water, and sleep, plied them with alcohol, cut off their access to personal contacts and most of the outside world."

 For the second season of Love Is Blind, which debuted earlier this year on streaming services, Hartwell was chosen as one of the 30 cast members. 

Surreal disconnected experience for everyone.

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The director of financial services posted on Instagram in February, "an excerpt from my journal after returning from the Love Is Blind pods."

"Filming Love Is Blind was one of the most intense and memorable experiences of my life," Hartwell wrote in the post's caption. "Thanks to journaling and introspection, it remains an experience that I'm at peace with, regardless of the ups and downs."

An emotional experience

The University of Massachusetts alumnus continued by saying that he had "no regrets" about not being a member of the group that went on to become immersed in the series and that those who didn't advance past the pods yet "had a very rich experience."

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