Lisa Hochstein celebrates her 40th birthday amid divorce

Lisa Hochstein celebrates her 40th birthday amid divorce

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Lisa Hochstein celebrated her 40th birthday on Sunday, July 24, with a grand party. Even though she was divorced from Lenny Hochstein, she celebrated her birthday. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, an eyewitness shared all the details of the reality TV star's birthday party.

Lisa was spotted at Miami's E11even superclub during her birthday celebration. Her arrival at the club was reported at 2:15 in the morning on Sunday. Her female friends had just finished dinner, so Lisa was looking forward to her arrival.

There was a table set up at the club where Lisa danced with her friends using Casamigos tequila, champagne, and E11even vodka.

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From the moment she arrived until the moment she left, she was in a great mood. Lisa looked stunning during the party. In addition to her feather mini dress, she is accessorized with a mini nude Dior Lady bag.

Stilettos with sparkling straps completed her look. Furthermore, the insider revealed that Lisa was partying and not filming RHOM on the night. There was also a performance by rapper Travis Scott at the club. Before leaving after 4 a.m., Lisa's close friends danced the night away.

Considering what has happened in Lisa's life in the past few months, it is wonderful to see her enjoying herself so much. A divorce was reported for her and her husband in May.

As a result of Lisa seeing Lenny partying with Katharina Mazepa, he now has a girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa. Between Lenny and Katharina, there has been a lot of romance.

In court documents, Lisa claimed that Lenny displayed "volatile behavior" toward their children during their divorce proceedings. Their older son, Logan, is seven, and their younger daughter, Elle, is two. In celebration of Logan's 7th birthday, Lisa and Lenny, who has been at odds for a long time, got together earlier this month.

If Lisa Hochstein celebrated her 40th birthday with happiness, she would be delighted. Furthermore, they will hope that she can move on from her broken marriage and find a new path.

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