King Richard Gere! Says The 90 Day Fiancé UK celebrity

King Richard Gere! Says The 90 Day Fiancé UK celebrity

Updated on August 06, 2022 22:34 PM by Andrew Koschiev

90 Day Fiance UK is in full swing with explosive drama

A lot of cultural clashes, embarrassing moments, and stunning disclosures, but there is one couple that everyone is talking about. The documentary follows eight happily married British couples as they test their long-distance relationships to see if they are real.

Richard is a new contestant on 90 days fiance

Richard joined a European dating website and met Kathleen from the Philippines there. Since then, their relationship has been ups and downs, and they are hopeful the show will help them get along better.

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Richard wants his Philippine woman to cook and clean

Despite being caught taking screenshots of images of other women, Preston-based Richard admitted in Sunday night's show that he wanted to bring his four-year girlfriend, Kathleen, to the UK to "cook and clean" for him.

Richard calls himself a 'boss' and claims that British women aren't his thing

British women are not Richard's cup of tea, and he would rather date a "traditional" woman than a "contemporary" one. "British women are just hard work," he said. They steal, steal, steal, steal, steal.

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Richard has been dating Kathleen, 32, a Filipino woman, for four years

He admitted, "I met Kathleen on a dating service designed for international daters. She's lovely, very cute, he said. Kathleen resides in the Philippines.

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Richard explained that even though Kathleen has his heart and soul

She finds it tough to keep up with his workaholic lifestyle. "My night out starts in the day, at noon," he said. "We'll go to the bar, the bar, the bar, the bar, the club, the club, more strippers, kebab shops, cabs, and home!"

Richard also admits he has a flirtatious disposition which makes Kathleen envious

While Richard lives in the Philippines, 7000 kilometers away, Kathleen leads a different existence. However, he loves being with Kathleen as he is treated like a king. He declared, "I'll flirt, and I'm going to flirt, and it's great doing it.

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Kathleen lives with her family

She described her life by saying, "I live at home with my mother, father, and brother." "I also look after our store near our house," she added.

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Kathleen admits she had no intention of ever meeting Richard

She remarked that we have no control over our emotions; things happen, and we fall in love. "I think Richard is incredibly attractive. He has gorgeous eyes. He talks a lot and is quite funny!

Kathleen is the oldest kid and is in charge of many household duties

Kathleen is getting ready to leave the Philippines, and Richard is looking forward to being with someone who would treat him like a "king," in his words.

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Richard declared, 'Kathleen would treat me like a king when she visits the UK'

He put a doll's crown on his head. My ideal situation would be for Kathleen to care for everything around the house. After outlining his intentions for Kathleen's stay to his friends as he treats him as KING.

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Richard said Kat would cook and clean for him

She's going to cook for me, and she's going to clean for me," he chuckled as he revealed his plans. Gavin, a friend of Richard's, challenges his logic as he continues by saying that Kathleen will carry out this action while working for the health service.

Kathleen will be coming and putting up 70 to 80 hours a week

Butt Richard won't. But she will also take care of the chores, cooking, and cleaning? Astonished, Gavin inquires. Even worse, Jenny, Richard's friend, says plainly, "I wouldn't do that." Then I'd have to cook, clean, and wipe your behind? No, I work 40 hours a week. No." Even as he continues to construct an image of how ideal life with Kathleen will be. I've been with Kathleen for four years, and we've spent most of that time together," he continued. She sure treated Richard as KING.

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Kathleen and Richard's relationship has been far from simple

When having coffee with her friend Jen back in the Philippines. She claims, "I overheard him talking to other girls. Richard acknowledges that he wasn't always devoted to Kathleen and that this caused them to part ways for a period. Richard was treated as the king in the relationship.

Richard was taking pictures of other ladies

He confessed, "I have a weakness for a good bottom. I was taking screenshots of the most attractive ladies or ladyboys. Yes, she caught me. He acknowledged, "the sex was very wonderful, but I'm not in it for that." "You want to marry the decent girl, and Kathleen is the good girl; you don't want to marry the dirty girl." So Richard is the king for Kathleen.

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