Job Opportunities In Big Tech Are Shrinking For Students Studying Computer Science

Job Opportunities In Big Tech Are Shrinking For Students Studying Computer Science

Updated on December 08, 2022 11:08 AM by Michael Davis

The young software developer, Annalise Ni, has been aspiring to work for a prominent tech company such as Google since she was in tenth grade in Seattle. Ni took computer science courses in high school and interned at Microsoft. She earned software engineering internships at Facebook while studying computer science at the University of Washington.

This year, after graduating from college, she started working as a software engineer for Meta, the parent company of Facebook. The past ten years have been long since young people stampeded toward computer science, a study of computer programming and algorithms — on college campuses across the country because of six-figure starting salaries, Getting free food, and working on apps with billions of users.

Computing degrees at about 200 universities are tracked by the Computing Research Association, and the number of students majoring in the subject more than tripled between 2011 and 2021. The computing education boom was encouraged by tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, which promoted software careers as lucrative careers.

Tech companies are shocked by the state of their careers

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Years of training for careers at the world's largest tech companies have produced this generation of computer and data science students who are shocked by layoffs, hiring freezes, and recruitment slowdowns at Meta, Twitter, Alphabet, Amazon, DoorDash, Lyft, Snap, and Stripe. The job slowdown is attributed to a faltering global economy.

As a result of the cuts, recent graduates are scrambling for new jobs, and college students are facing uncertainty when trying to get high-paying summer internships. Some computer science students at Amazon, for instance, earned nearly $30,000 for the summer, not including housing stipends.

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Experience in the real world is gained through internships

According to someone with knowledge of the program, which is not authorized to speak publicly, the number of interns for 2023 could be cut by more than half. According to a spokesperson at Amazon, its internship program provides real-world experience. In a letter last month to Meta employees, Mark Zuckerberg announced layoffs.

Roblox, the popular game platform, announced it would hire 300 interns next summer, almost twice as many as this year, and expected more than 50,000 applicants. The program has been canceled for next year at Redfin, which employed 38 interns this summer. Computing students can still find good jobs.

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Job perks and compensation praised by young techies

Financial and automotive industries account for a majority of those jobs. At least one TikTok video highlighted a $198,000 package with stock options and relocation expenses, with young techies praising their job perks and compensation. Some have added the hashtag #opentowork to alert recruiters to their LinkedIn profile photos. 

Dozens of people were laid off, or whose job offers were recently rescinded. To pass technical interviews, Castellino knew she'd have to work hard. Her fall was spent searching for coding jobs and preparing for coding tests. She studied programming languages and probability concepts four days a week. Despite the hard work, she said the interview process was brutal.

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