Jibri complains about the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and apologizes to Miona and her family

Jibri complains about the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and apologizes to Miona and her family

Updated on December 09, 2022 16:16 PM by Laura Mendes

His bad experience on 90-Day Fiancé affected his relationship with Miona Bell and her family. The couple met at a concert during Jibri's band Black Serbs' tour in Rapid City, South Dakota, so they did 90 Day Fiancé season 9.

Their storyline revolved around Miona's demands and Jibri's family and friends against her. They already had "Bell" surnames on Instagram, which was a spoiler. Many viewers have accused Miona of blackfishing, while the couple has been exposed as clout chasers.

Having been incarcerated on skid row

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Although Jibri believes he is accountable for selling his soul for 18 dollars and a cup of fame, he feels it is his fault he signed the dotted line.

A video of Jibri singing with the Hollywood sign in the background has gone viral, as he asks himself why he feels he has to compromise when the devil lies.

After ending up on skid row, he feels like a clown in a freak show, just like in The Truman Show.

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This is a reference to the Hollywood industry

Among the lines, Jibri added were, "don't portray me as if it wasn't your intellectual property" and "looking at myself on TV like that's not me."
Now that you signed the contract, you are our property.

According to Jibri, 90 Day Fiancé "manipulated" the whole family.

In referring to the Hollywood sign as a "wicked game," he said, "That's what you get for chasing fame."

Members of his family accompanied him

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Miona and his family members were included in Jibri's caption, in which he apologized and hoped they could forgive him for getting them involved.

My apologies, Miona, for the hurt you suffered during that process. I should have listened to you.

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Become a member of Miona's family

Because Jibri couldn't invest money, he had to remain with Miona in his family's South Dakota house. It is now recalled that Jibri did not want to take a regular job in the show.

No mention of Jibri and Miona in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily, Ever After? Season 7 or Pillow Talk, where many of their co-stars from season 9 appeared.

The rapper Jibri tried to break big, but it didn't work out. His brother John Mendes, who tangled with Jibri on the Tell-All, is now an actor on Pillow Talk.

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What is the cause of this misconception?

Although Jibri may be trying to gain fame through the show, making this video suggests he is still exploiting it for his gain, which is increasingly annoying fans.

The reason for this misconception is that fans believe Jibri owes his social media fame to 90 Day Fiancé, and it is due to the show that he's been able to gain so many followers.

Miona's ponytail brand is sold to viewers of the show, which is why she shouldn't feel bad about signing on.

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