Jeopardy Star Sutton Starcke Is Dating on RHOBH!

Jeopardy Star Sutton Starcke Is Dating on RHOBH!

Updated on July 30, 2022 17:12 PM by Anna P

The Bravo personality wants to try love once more to see if it works. As a result, viewers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can see Sutton and her "awkward date" in the most current episode. So, who is the unidentified man? Join us in tuning in to find out.

Sutton Starcke Attends A Bumble Date on RHOBH! In terms of romance and dating, every RHOBH celebrity has a husband. Sutton Starcke, however, is inappropriate for the position. For many years, she was wed to Chrisitan Starcke, the boy she fell in love with as a child.

The former couple also has three adorable kids together. Sutton and Christian nevertheless fell out, and the former began dating Michael. They had been together long enough to tie the knot. But on Valentine's Day in 2021, Michael dumped Sutton, which is not what a lady might expect. 

Starcke has been unmarried and available to date ever since. In an episode on June 27, The Real Housewives star revealed that she was looking for a "deal-breaker" spouse.

So, to cut a long tale short. Sutton continues her search for love and uses the dating service Bumble. The RHOBH star was paired with a previous Jeopardy contestant in an exciting turn of events. 

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Fans are in a frenzy after knowing that. Sutton has already admitted that dating in her fifties is challenging. She still manages to get a date despite it. Starcke wants a third date with Jeopardy participant Sanjit Das despite not knowing what she is searching for.

Sanjit was born in Virginia and studied law in New Orleans. Well, Sutton was smart enough to check her date's history. The Real Housewives actress said she was interested in finding a boyfriend and wasn't looking to get married.

Things were tense when Sutton and Sanjit continued their second date. The pair had already gone to drink some wine and beer. Sutton believed her second date would go well because of this. 

The couple first met. They had an awkward kiss and disagreements Over what to order for dinner. Starcke rejected Sanjit's request to call anything "spicy." The RHOBH star then scratched her foot as she began to feel uneasy. A third date. Sutton inquired as to whether or not a "third" date was planned. But Das drank deeply from his beverage.

RHOBH: Sanjit Das Gets the Nod From Bravo Fans! The RHOBH star then contrasted her love life with the other women's. Furthermore, she specifically targeted Sutton Starcke. To be honest, Erika Jayne isn't falling behind in the dating scene.

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Erika of The RHOBH commented she isn't on the dating scene. She is getting more attention than Sutton. Meanwhile, the Bravo audience is anticipating learning whether Sutton and Sanjit will go on a third date. 

Das received much support from Twitter users due to his appearance on the program. One Bravo viewer commented that knowing Sanjit appeared on Jeopardy was sufficient for them.

Another person said he has good musical taste, which can appeal to his partner. Viewers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will have to wait to find out what happens next. For the most recent RHOBH news, check out TV Season & Spoilers.

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