Jason Momoa Disclaims his post-op 'DAD BOD'

Jason Momoa Disclaims his post-op 'DAD BOD'

Updated on August 25, 2022 15:52 PM by Ella Bina

Jason Momoa claims to have a dad body

The Aquaman sat down with James Corden and Kristen Bell and gave an update on his March hernia operation. The 43-year-old acknowledged not exercising his core as frequently as he formerly did.

The "Aquaman" star is a 6'4" on-screen superhero renowned for having ripped abs and a cool body. He had to slow down because of his hernia surgery. Still, happily, he recovered well and hasn't stopped practicing situps. He explained to them, "Trying to keep that dad bod going for a little while longer."
You can't say you have a dad bod, Corden argued. 

Not at all. It isn't a dad bod at all

Bell, who raved about her and her husband Dax Shepard's fascination with Momoa, was listening to him ramble with her mouth open and a large smile on her face when she playfully lifted her hand to Corden and exclaimed, "He can say whatever he wants.

I'm sorry I'm in his web, the "Bad Moms" star exclaimed in a comical emotional outburst as she became more agitated. She continued, "Momoa shoots forth rhythm, and there's a lot of rhythm coming from over here. Momoa responded, slightly startled by Bell's agitation, "I've never heard rhythm before."

Probably most people would concur that Momoa has a rhythm to him. But until recently, the hulking actor was happily married to Lisa Bonet. The former couple began doing this in 2005, got engaged in 2017, and divorced in 2022.

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Eiza González have been romantically associated

For the past few months, they have been seen hanging out occasionally. Most recently, on July 29, they were seen riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Malibu, California.

Three days after the actor was involved in an injury-free but head-on motorcycle crash in Calabasas, González has enough faith in the actor to climb aboard his motorcycle.

There is a draw there, a source at the time told People. "Eiza likes him a lot. He is a good time. They communicate frequently and see one another when they can. They hang out whenever they are in the same zip code due to their hectic schedules, but the insider made it clear that "It's not a relationship."

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