Jasmine Pineda Of 90 Day Fiance Has Shared Her Skincare Routine With Her Fans

Jasmine Pineda Of 90 Day Fiance Has Shared Her Skincare Routine With Her Fans

Updated on December 30, 2022 12:04 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Jasmine has two Instagram accounts. One is about her private life, and the other gives an insight into her workout routine, vegan lifestyle, motivation, and more. But she makes sure her followers are hooked as she posts such content.

On her Instagram account, Jasmine shared her skincare routine.
Jasmine gave a close-up of her face to her 140k followers. Her skin looked dewy and glass-like. She had no makeup on her face except eyeliner and micro-bladed eyebrows. In her photograph, she captions her Skincare is done.

In the next story, she gave an insight into her skincare routine as she wrote. 

Day Skin Care by Jasmine Pineda

(Image Credits: In Touch Weekly)
  • included cleansing her face with a Dermatological soap.
  • Then she applied the Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic acid.
  • She put the eye cream and moisturizing cream
  • Jasmine takes care of her neck as she puts the firming gel on her neck
  • Never without her sunscreen.

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Jasmine spoke about Cellulite

Over the years, Jasmine has spoken about having cellulose and her struggles with it. She didn't shy away from sharing a picture of her legs and showing her cellulite mark.
She captioned and wrote that her Cellulite is genetic regardless of her workout. It is still there, although her body fat percentage is low.

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Jasmine, through her caption, states what works for her pores and skin

Jasmine told her fans that when she consumes organic fruits and vegetables, she exercises, eliminates alcohol, gets her vitamin C injections, and avoids sugary drinks and sodium food. It has helped her body and skin.

She told her fans they should not shy away from the Cellulite on their body. It should also not stop them from doing their favorite things or wearing any clothes. 

Jasmine wants Gino Palazzolo to Maneuver

In season 5 of 90-day fiance, fans saw Gino's journey, Jasmine's native, to make the most of her alone prime time.

The couple had a difficult time together; Gino even proposed to Jasmine. They even said Jasmine's K1 visa was approved. They wait for the official approval and can move to Florida after that.

But the plan is canceled as Jasmine recently said she wants Gino to move to Panama. However, where the couple is set to move needs to be clarified about their K1 visa.

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