James Cameron Conducted a Study to see If Jack Could Have Survived in ‘Titanic’

James Cameron Conducted a Study to see If Jack Could Have Survived in ‘Titanic’

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James Cameron is prepared to "put to rest" rumours spread by fans regarding Jack Dawson's demise after Titanic.

According to The Toronto Sun, the legendary director, 68, stated in a new interview with Postmedia that he had a scientific analysis done to see if Jack and Rose DeWitt Bukater, who were portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the much-discussed Titanic movie, actually had enough room to fit on the much-debated floating door after the ship sank.

Since the release of Cameron's 1997 blockbuster, the hypothesis has been widely discussed. It was also the subject of a Mythbusters episode in 2013, with Keke Palmer comically having issues with how things actually transpired.

According to the source, Cameron said, " We conducted a scientific investigation to put an end to this folly and pierce its heart once and for all. The spokeswoman stated, "We're going to make a quick special on it that comes out in February." After that, we conducted a thorough forensic investigation with a hypothermia specialist who recreated the movie's raft.

The research for Cameron's upcoming special used "two stunt persons who were the same body mass" as Winslet, 47, and DiCaprio, 48. The study will overlap with the 4K restoration of Titanic, which is scheduled to hit theaters in February.

To test the likelihood of survival, Cameron said those involved "placed sensors all over them and within them and we put them in icy water." He clarified, "They could never have survived together. One could only endure."

"[Jack] had to go," Cameron continued. "Similar to Romeo and Juliet, It is a film about mortality, love, and sacrifice. The degree of sacrifice demonstrates affection. I hope I won't have to deal with this for another 25 years."

According to Cameron, there was "no argument" about what ought to have happened to the character of Jack, who said as much in a 2019 interview with the BBC. He also called the debate itself "dumb."

"Let's go back to Romeo if you truly want to discover all the ridiculous explanations for it. Could he have used good judgement and not ingested the poison? Yes, "Cameron," said. "Could it be that he refrained from bringing his little sword out of concern that Juliet may hurt herself? Definitely, sure. It kind of misses the purpose."

A new Titanic special edition, released by new sources to commemorate the movie's 25th anniversary, will feature a behind-the-scenes look at its creation and legacy. In the article, Cameron discussed his ongoing fascination with the RMS Titanic and reuniting with Winslet for the recently released Avatar: The Way of Water.

The filmmaker and writer told new sources, "Yeah, I was a little bit obsessed there for a while, but I'm not going back out to the wreck.. I've completed my research. Together with some other scientists, we are putting all of our data together to create a definitive book on the marine forensics of the disaster."

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