It was the Worst Day of my life', utters 'A Game of Thrones Actress on a Waterboarding Scene

It was the Worst Day of my life', utters 'A Game of Thrones Actress on a Waterboarding Scene

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The enthusiasts and followers of 'Game of Thrones' remember the role of Septa Unella, who performs as one of the most iconic foes of Cersei Lannister – the formidable faith militant who subjects the Lady of Casterly Rock to the cruel punishment on the name of God. 

In an interview with Hannah Waddingham, Septa Unella said that she experienced some gruelling conditions to act those scenes behind the camera. When we saw an act of Septa Unella completing Season Six, the actress was imprisoned through Cersei from the 'Faith of the Seven' that overthrew to restore Cersei to the Iron Throne.

An Overview of the Acts happening in the film

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Following the days of torture by dungeon keepers, Cersei visited Septa Unella and poured wine on her face to demand confessing her sins. When Septa declined, Cersei locked her in the room, leaving her in gruesome conditions to fate for the imagination.

Later on, Waddingham made a conversation with Collider that the televised version of this Scene is not included in the plan, and also, the showrunners have something more to upset up their sleeves. Septa was supposed to be raped by the Mountain and had many complaints regarding the rape of Sansa.

Waddingham explains a Hellish day of Filming

Fans remember that there are three core characters in the film Game of Thrones and they are as George R.R. Martin, and the two were Cersei, who was raped in Season Four by Jaime and Daenerys, who Khal Drogo raped in Season One on a night wedding day.
About the show 'Fire Cannot kill a Dragon', Martin said, 'Why did the wedding scene change from a consensual Scene to the vicious rape of Emilia Clarke? It made the film worse, not better. This shows the offensive and gratuitous obsession with sexual assault widespread backlash.
Waddingham commented on the film Game of Thrones: " The Scene is probably changed while there was mid-air flying to the Filming of Belfast as suddenly, I obtained these new sides that require a wetsuit top. I thought bits and waterboarding were wrong explaining a hellish day of Filming

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