It Was Brooke Shields' Experience To Be A Sexualized Child Model

It Was Brooke Shields' Experience To Be A Sexualized Child Model

Updated on March 23, 2023 18:52 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As a young model and actress, Brooke Shields was sexualized due to a new documentary, "Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields." As she struggled to find her voice in the industry, the full trailer offers insight into her experiences. Having survived such an oppressive and exploitative environment, she expressed amazement at her ability to do so.

Fans Support Brooke Shield's Childhood

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In response to the trailer, fans expressed their support and admiration for Brooke Shield's resilience as a child artist by commenting in the comment section. Her documentary will reveal more about her life and give insight into the darker side of the entertainment industry, despite the challenges she faced as an actress, model, and author. It will give insight into the entertainment industry's darker side while providing more information about her life.

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Brooke Shield About Sexual Harassment 

As the trailer begins, Brooke is seen getting ready for a modeling shoot, with people repeatedly calling her a pretty face as she speaks about the importance of her looks in her life. Her career will be explored in the two-part documentary beginning at 11 months as a child model. As well as exploring her cast in Louis Malle's film Pretty Baby when she was 12, the documentary will examine her subsequent roles in films like Endless Love and The Blue Lagoon. A voiceover described her as an "icon of American beauty and an 'object for desire,' but also as a 'vulnerable child model' subjected to exploitation and sexual abuse.

Struggles Of Brooke Shield To Win

She said it was difficult to find my voice, and I was not taught how important it was to have agency. Furthermore, she explained how she left Hollywood to pursue a degree at Princeton University, which helped her find her voice and identity. Later, she returned to the entertainment industry with a new sense of self-confidence, saying, "I had my own opinion. Oh no, you cannot take that away from me. Now I can be a real human being."

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Brooke Shield's Documentary Trailer Released

On Twitter, ABC News shared Brooke Shields' documentary trailer. In response to the clip, a commenter said, "She was so exploited as a young girl and young woman. I cannot imagine how painful it must have been to have been only valued by how you looked. That is so very sad." Another person said, "The treatment Brooke Shields received was so shocking when seen from the perspective of today. Shame on all the adults who were complicit." The movie Blue Lagoon was for adults when I was a kid.

A Fan Person About Brooke Shield

A person commented, "Being so conventionally beautiful according to societal standards is such a curse," saying, "But Brooke Shields is in it, and she's not an adult." People are being objectified everywhere they go as a result of it. If everyone is focusing on their exteriors, as if that is the only thing that matters, how can they learn to be their full selves? Trying to meet those standards to feel valued and happy is a delusion. It's better to look like most of us and not worry about our appearance so much."

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