It Isn't Easy To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You Are At Work, But It Is Possible! Check These Guidelines

It Isn't Easy To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You Are At Work, But It Is Possible! Check These Guidelines

Updated on October 21, 2022 11:25 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Getting a job at home has lots of benefits. There's no commute time, so you get leisurely mornings and no traffic during rush hour. Some people like working in their pyjamas, while others love having more flexibility with their daily schedules. The real reward for pet parents is spending time with their pets. Although our dogs enjoy being at home more often, waiting for playtime was not their intention. Watching you work is boring! And you might also think that this wasn't what you planned when you're staring at sad eyes, barking or whining, or having a cold nose nudging you during a meeting. Check out these awesome tips for keeping your dog entertained while working at home to bring peace to your workday.

Under-stimulated dogs will exhibit these symptoms

  • Chased tails - Dogs may be trying to expel energy by chasing their tails.
  • Your dog's vocalisations may correspond to the fact that they want your attention or are bored if they bark excessively.
  • Your dog may be eager to play if it follows you everywhere.
  • Insomnia or boredom may be to blame for your dog's tearing up household items.

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Playthings for enrichment

Dogs can entertain themselves while you work by playing with multi-functional, interactive toys. Interactive enrichment toys, like tug-of-war ropes and bones, include a treat dispenser in addition to a chewy texture, which encourages hours of play. As well as helping to settle and relax your puppy, they can reduce their anxiety if they are in a new environment, keep them entertained when bored, and stimulate their mental and physical development.

Games that encourage foraging

The rubber of these toys is strong and chewable, so naturally curious dogs can play with them until they are tired. Use your dog's natural curiosity by providing treats inside the toys. You can stuff the Kong with dog treats or seal it with peanut butter to prevent the treats from falling out. This toy was made with treat dispensing in mind. It is ideal for providing food-driven dogs with foraging toys to keep them entertained, focus on a particular activity, and prevent them from consuming food directly from their bowl.

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Playing puzzles

You can stimulate your dog's mind with interactive puzzles, helping them practice problem-solving, and keeping them busy, which means they're less likely to get into mischief. Like a Snuffle mat, you can keep your dog busy with a food-dispensing puzzle. With this fun and interactive feeding mat, your pet will be entertained while eating too quickly. The mat consists of layers of fabric, and each layer hides a treat or mealtime kibble for your dog. Playing interactive puzzles is a good way to keep your dog entertained while away from home. They allow them to participate in new and exciting activities to help keep them out of trouble.

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A selection of frozen food

Giving your frozen pup treats during the summer is a great idea to prevent boredom. Although frozen treats take a while to break down, they will keep your pup engaged longer than regular treats. To avoid choking hazards, ensure that the frozen treats are large and in an ice cream tub. You can use cold or frozen food during the summer to keep your dog cool. If your dog suffers from anxiety, repetitive licking can calm him and keep him busy for extended periods. Spread your dog's favoritefavourite food or treat, and let him lick it off. Your pup can also benefit from frozen treats if he is uncomfortable due to teething or if his mouth is numb. It may also help relieve him from chewing on other objects, such as your shoes.

Yummy homemade food

The consumption of homemade treats should only be 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake when given to your dog in moderation. Keeping your dog's diet balanced will ensure they receive all the nutritional value they require from regular dog food and some treats. Examples include:

  • Chicken breast dehydrated in a dehydrator or an oven is a popular treat among dogs.
  • They're high in energy, so feed sparingly as they're dog-safe peanut butter biscuits.
  • Dogs can sometimes be kept happy and chew on a carrot by giving them a simple treat.

Upon completion of the work

As long as you allow your pet to settle down before you play with them or take them for a walk, what you do after work can positively influence your pet's behaviour and help keep them entertained even longer. Taking your dog on a long walk is a no-brainer. However, there are a variety of benefits you can enjoy with your dog, including:

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of sniffing time as well. It's good for their mental health, too!
  • Dogs need quality time with their owners. It's good for both of you.
  • Your dog will be less likely to chew through household things when you walk longer and take different paths.

If you're feeding your dog treats or other food throughout the day, walking your dog helps improve your pet's physical fitness and provides much-needed mental stimulation outside the house.

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