Is Tammy's rehab being paid for by the 1000 lb sisters?

Is Tammy's rehab being paid for by the 1000 lb sisters?

Updated on August 13, 2022 18:46 PM by Anthony Christian

There is still no sign of Tammy Slaton outside of the rehab facility. The 1000 Lb Sisters celeb has been there for months, and online reports suggest she will undergo surgery soon. Furthermore, the new season is not too far away. Since Tam Tam has been in rehab for months, her fans wonder how she is paying her bills. The reason is that she hasn't earned anything through the show for quite a while. She is also busy with the birth of her second child with her younger sister Amy. Who is paying Tammy's bills? You'll find out when you tune in with us.

Cast members of 1000 Lb Sisters started the show hoping to lead healthier lives. Through the course of the show, Chris, Amy, and Amanda gained weight through bariatric surgery and healthy eating. However, the infamous sibling got caught up in delusion due to her "party" lifestyle.

Infuriated by the TLC personality's unhealthy eating habits and alcohol She consumed her body. The medically induced coma required her to be taken to the hospital for treatment. As far as Tammy's finances are concerned, the show aired up to that point, and she did receive paychecks. Due to the show's recent airing, fans are wondering how the infamous sibling is paying her bills. Is her health insurance up to date?

The viewers are considering the matter after a discussion started on Reddit. There is speculation that the 1000 Lb Sisters celeb might be getting help from her family. According to another, Tammy is the "Ward of the State." However, there's no evidence to support that claim.

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Furthermore, some fans speculated that she might be receiving help from social security, medicare, or disability. Thus, Tammy's health condition is indirectly paid for by taxpayers. In the meantime, another fan stated that they read somewhere. The social security system pays Tammy's salary. There is a never-ending debate about who pays for Tammy. It will only be revealed if the reality star herself answers.

There is also the issue of Tammy's bills. At the moment, the reality star is teasing something else. Tammy revealed her relationship with Mikey Mooney when she joined Tik-Tok again. Despite showing affection on Facebook, the ex-couple broke up after a short time.

Tammy then appeared with her ex-, BBW King, who has been making headlines ever since. Tam Tam showed off the gift on Tok-Tok after the boyfriend sent it. Tammy and BBW King were therefore perceived as back to normal by the people. It does not appear to be the case, however.

Her Tik-Tok was filled with cryptic hidden messages. Tammy posted a video lip-syncing Ariana Grande's song and wrote, "Love is FAKE." Two days later, she posted another video lip-syncing another audio that asked, "What are you calling my phone for?"? I want you to go back to the girl you love so much! ” Therefore, the fans speculate that BBW King has cheated on Tammy. How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments. Keep an eye on the TV Season & Spoilers for more details.

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