Is Straight Outta Compton on Netflix?

Is Straight Outta Compton on Netflix?

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"Straight Outta Compton" is an American 2015 biographical drama series directed by a famed artist, F. Gary Gray. The movie depicts the rise and fall of the hip-hop group N.W.A and involves well-renowned actors Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, and MC Ren. All these members were a part of the movie's production, including Dr. Dre and Ice Cube as producers and Tomica woods as Wright. DJ Yella and MC Ren worked as inventive consultants, and Ice Cube was acted by the real-life son of O'Shea Jackson Jr., who created the movie debut. The film is devoted to Eazy-E, who passed away from a cause of H.I.V. in 1995, twenty years before the movie's release.    

 "Straight Outta Compton" Storyline

 Easy-E used to be a drug dealer in Compton, California, in 1986. Dr. Dre is an ambitious disc jockey, while Ice Cube is a young singer. Influenced by the reality raps of Cube, they formed a start-up record of 'Boyz-n-the-Hood' but got rejected by a rap group in New York. After that, Dre persuades Eazy to make it viral by taking it a hit with the assistance of the group N.W.A referred to as Niggaz Wit Attitude. In 1988, a revolutionary new group made hip-hop all time. The first studio N.W.A made album, 'Straight Outta Compton' was released in Southern Los Angeles. With the helping hand of veteran manager Jerry Heller, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and Eazy-E, the song navigates throughout the industry, gaining fortune, fame, and a good place in history.    

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 Voice Cast members

  • "O'Shea Jackson Jr." as 'Ice Cube' Jackson.
  • "Jason Mitchell" as 'Eric Eazy-E' Wright.
  • "Aldis Hodge" as Lorenzo MC Ren Patterson.
  • "Neil Brown Jr." as Antoine DJ Yella Carnaby.
  • "Paul Giamatti" as Jerry Heller.
  • "R. Marcos Taylor" as Marion' Suge' Knight.
  • "Maron Yates Jr." as Tracy' The D.O.C.' Curry.
  • "Alexandra Shipp" as Kimberly Woodruff.
  • "Lakeith Stanfield" as Calvin' Snoop Dogg' Broadus.
  • "Tate Ellington" – head of Priority Records as Bryan Turner.
  • "Elena Goode"- Wife of Dr. Dre as Nicole Threatt. 
  • "Keith Powers" – Half-brother of Dr. Dre.
  • "Sheldon A. Smith" as Warren G Griffin. 

Genre: Biography, Drama, History, Music & Musical 
Critics' Response: According to sources, the movie gets a support of 89% votes based on 248 reviews at an average rate of 7.40 out of 10. A critic of the website consensus states, 'Straight Outta Compton is one of biopic movies that was built to last, all credit goes to F. Gary Gray who confidently directed the film and came up with engaging performances to create a robust cast '. On CinemaScore, audiences polled the film with an average grade of "A" on a scale of A+ to F. A folk called Richard Roeper from Chicago Sun-Times rated the movie as 3.5 stars on a total of 4, stating the film as "energized" and "enthralling", appraising the cast to render 'memorable and strong work to transcend mere imitation'. 


  • Straight Outta Compton was nominated for "Best Original Screenplay" at 'The Academy Awards.
  • Nominated as "the Best Intergenerational Film" at "AARP Annual Movies for Grownups Awards".
  • Won the "Best Picture, Best Ensemble, and the Best Supporting Actor to Jason Mitchell" at 'The African-American Film Critics Association. 
  • Won the "Best Cast (ensemble) to Cindy Tolan & Victoria Thomas" at "Black Reel Awards"
  • .Won the "Big Budget-Drama" at 'The Casting Society of America to the actors of Victoria Thomas, Cindy Tolan, Beth Sepko, Pat Moran, and Lucinda Syson. 
  • Won the "Breakthrough performer" to the actors Jason Mitchell and Keith Stanfield at 'The Hamptons International Film Festival. 

Release Date: August 11, 2015 (Microsoft Théâtre) and August 14, 2015 (in the United States)
IMDb – 7.8/10 
Rotten Tomatoes – 89% 
Metacritic – 72
Rolling Stone - 3.5/4

"Straight Outta Compton" is a documentary film about the greatest hip-hop gangster rapper of all time. It was released on August 14, 2015, to reflect the rise of N.W.A hip-hop group wherein the members of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, D.J. Yella, and MC Ren are involved. There are a few dope cuts in the movie, and conflicting and unexpected goals are highlighted that make the movie thrilling and, of course, a must-watch film. If you want to see a musical-inspiring story cut above the rise, you should watch the movie at least once. Here are some guidelines you can follow to streamline the series. Read on:    

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Straight Outta Compton: Where To Watch The Movie?

(Image Credits: Bustle)

A biopic movie of 'straight Outta Compton' is an on-demand series available on many platforms such as iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Vudu, and A.M.C. Theatres. Hence, people who want to see the start and end of a movie can buy or rent from any of these platforms. You can also access the film through FuboTV, Xfinity, DirecTV, and Spectrum. 
You can view the inspiring movie free of cost using a 7-day free trial on FuboTV. Though, we advise you to stay away from illegal modes for watching your favorite content online. 
The movie is not reachable for other online stores on Hulu, Amazon prime Video, or HBO Max. Subscribers need to go for other platforms.

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Straight Outta Compton: Is It Available on Netflix?

Of course, Yes. The movie 'Straight Outta Compton" is accessible on Netflix though not internationally. You can keep reading this article to connect your Netflix to an accessible country. Netflix has a range of television movies and shows that keep you entertained. The 2015 rap film is there on Netflix but in chosen locations except for Netflix Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A. If you want to watch the entire movie without any glitches, you must get a VPN and connect its server to an accessible nation.

List of Netflix Countries for 'Straight Outta Compton' 

Enthusiastic folks might be asking, 'which nation can you access for this musical movie on Netflix'? Then, here is a list through which you can join the server to these selected locations on Netflix.
Brazil, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, and Sweden. 
The movie is available on V.O.D. services. In the U.S., you can watch online on DirectTV, FXNow, and Fubo TV. While in Australia, it is on Netflix. You can stream it from Crave Starz and Prime Video if you are in Canada. In the U.K., it is on Now T.V., Netflix, Virgin T.V. Go, and Starz.

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Straight Outta Compton: How to Watch With a VPN?

Straight Outta Compton is on Netflix in a limited number of nations. If you live in Australia or the U.K., you need to activate a Netflix subscription, and now, you can go ahead. In contrast, if you reside in Canada or the United States, you can follow a few steps as mentioned below: 
Get ExpressVPN Netflix at $6.67 per month with an offer of a 30 days money-back guarantee. 
Download the VPN application on your device, either P.C., Tablet or a Gaming Console. 
Connect it to an Australian Server taken from the list of Australia- Melbourne. 
In your app, find Netflix and open it. 
Search "Straight Outta Compton" in your Netflix U.S. and enjoy the movie. 

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Straight Outta Compton: Why Choose VPN to Watch the Film?

The movie 'Straight Outta Compton' is on Netflix in some nations except the United States because of contractual negotiations. A geo-blocking feature is created to offer the users access to content they cannot watch from other regions. Netflix has a geo-restriction policy to avail the movie in the location where you are living. The main issue is its content is user interest, copyright, and ownership. Hence, you can access the movie through a VPN to avoid such blocking. 
"ExpressVPN" is one of the best VPN services offering across worldwide. It provides a privacy and security policy to its users through which customers can enjoy fast-speed streaming and additional features of malware protection, ad blocking, I.P. hiding, and many more. Through the VPN, you can get servers for over 90 countries, and it offers military-grade protection to your data, ranging from 256-bit A.E.S. encryption to all the servers.  

Step-by-Step Guide: Watch 'Straight Outta Compton' on Netflix

  • Get ExpressVPN to run Netflix. After that, pick the package you can pay for. You recommend taking an annual package from which you can get a 30-day free trial and extra three-month benefits of 3 months free.
  • Enter your Email Id and confirm your payment through any online mode. Then, click on 'Join Now. 
  • Download the ExpressVPN application from a site or an app store for Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows devices. 
  • Once you download the app, connect the VPN server by clicking on Selected location here; you need to select 'Australia', and at the end, you can join. 
  • When you connect to an Australian I.P. address, search 'Straight Outta Compton' on Netflix Australia library. Relax and enjoy the movie from your home country. 

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