Is Ricky and Morty on Netflix?

Is Ricky and Morty on Netflix?

Updated on November 11, 2022 15:21 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Ricky and Morty is the most Unique Cartoon you'll come across. Rick is a crazy scientist, and his grandson moves on an adventure into an alternate Universe. Although it's a very popular cartoon, it takes work to find on Netflix.

About Ricky and Morty

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An old-fashioned animated show aired in December 2013 on Adult Swim. The second season was launched in 2015, and the third in 2017. While everyone was in the end, they came up with the fourth season in November 2019. In terms of writing, they were on a break in Winter. They released season five in 2020. In the show, Sarah Chalke plays Beth, Chris Parnell plays Jerry, Justin Roiland plays Rick, and Spencer Grammer plays Summer. The cast list is much longer, but that is the show's core.

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The big question is, Are Ricky and Morty at all on Netflix?

The answer is Yes, but you have to be a resident of the US or Canada and some particular countries, as it is available only in some countries on Netflix. So we are going to help you out with certain tips on how to watch Ricky and Morty on Netflix.

So, if you want to think Rick and Morty are not available on Netflix, we request you to think again. Also, keep reading to find out how to watch the show and all the cartoon episodes on Netflix.

Are you wondering Is Ricky and Morty are on Netflix, and why can't you find it?

Well, we got your back. Yes, we know it's a very popular cartoon show regardless of where you live. Despite the reverence, many can't find it on Netflix. It mostly applies to the US as many can find the cartoon on Netflix or face issues finding all the episodes. The reason is to stay secure with the streaming rights. The streaming platform must purchase the rights to each show and movie, including Ricky and Morty. Not only that, it needs to do it independently for every country.

They don't have the right to show Ricky and Morty in the US. Hence one can't find it on the Streaming platform. As a major streaming platform, Netflix can't show you the series and violate copyrights.

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So will Ricky and Morty be available in the US?

We are clear about how a show comes to Netflix. So let us another this question. We need to give you an accurate answer. Maybe it can come, it will come with terms, and it won't.

Netflix is private about such things and often changes its content catalogs. Any movie and show can be discarded from the catalog anytime without any platform notification.

The reason why we do knows is if Ricky and Morty be available on Netflix in the US. But we can use to find an answer to that. This site plays a huge role in finding out where shows and movies are on which streaming platform.

Some of the users use it to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix. That is how they came up with the solution.

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So now, how to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix?

Using, users found out that Netflix has different catalogs regardless of location. The catalogs of the US and Canada are considered the best. They don't have the most popular shows, including Ricky and Morty. But through, users found out it's available in Australia. The amazing thing is that specific catalogs let you watch all five currently available seasons of the show. Users want that. After viewers were clear with this revelation, they didn't travel to Australia for the show. What They did is far easy and convenient. 

So how do people watch Ricky and Morty on Netflix?

Once viewers find out, it's available in the Netflix Australia catalog. Accessing all the seasons was a cakewalk. People changed their location using ExpressVPN and NordVPN. It allows one to change the location and makes things easy for the viewers.

The VPN is the pinnacle of the VPN Industry and is also used by millions. They offer hundreds of servers in Australia. Users can connect to them and get an Australian IP address.

It changes your location, and Netflix will consider you a resident of Australia. Using this setup, you gain access to the Australian Catalog and all the seasons of Ricky and Mortin. It helped users to find the show on Netflix and watch it while they lived overseas. Viewers who are not thorough with the English language can also watch it with subtitles, as the streaming platform offers. This trick makes it easy to access the show and watch it from anywhere in the world.

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What to do if you can't watch Rick and Morty on your local Netflix id?

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So if in your country Ricky and Morty are not available. Don't worry; there is always a solution, and for you, we have one. You can easily find NRicky and Morty in some of the UK, Canadian, US, and Italylibraries. All you need is a VPN. Below are some tricks to help you use VPN to watch the show through Netflix in your country.

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Using ExpressVPN and Nord VPN

Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN let you change your location. In this case, viewers could unlock Netflix Australia and watch the show. They also have thousands of servers around the globe. It can unblock many other Netflix catalogs, including movies and shows. Remember, these VPNs are not free. The only good part is that they offer low prices.ExpressVPN is not very cheap.

However, the annual plan is now available with a significant 49% discount and three months free. A similar approach is taken by NordVPN, which is almost as good as ExpressVPN but is less expensive thanks to a significant reduction in its entry-level package.

Some countries will also be losing Ricky and Morty in 2022

So some countries offer Ricky and Morty in their region. However, it will soon be removed from the platform concerning the license renewal.

To be precise, it will leave the platform on August 12. The series has been fixed on many Netflix regions since 2016. Over the years, various nations have gradually licensed earlier seasons of the AdultSwim series.

Netflix holds global rights to Ricky and Morty in every region except the US. Most have access to Seasons 1-4, while others have access to Seasons 1-5. But not all regions are showing removal dates. It's worth noting that they display removals and a few safe ones.

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The following Netflix regions display the Rick and Morty 

Netflix India, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Poland, and the Philippines.

While some regions are not having any removal, and they are Netflix in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, And Australia 

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So now, when and where will Ricky and Morty stream after this?

According to reliable sources, the series will depart Netflix in some regions and debut on HBO Max or HBO Go.

So that is where Ricky and Morty browse in the US, and Warner Bros. It's the official owner of the series.

You'll see that the majority of the areas above are losing. In this case, Warner Bros. Television is reclaiming the license to support its streaming services in the streaming wars since Rick and Morty are already available on HBO Max and HBO Go.

To summarise

Finding Rick and Morty is comparatively easy. So once you visit, you can see it's available in the Australian Catalog. That is, many people watched this show.

So once you obtain an Australian VPN address, you can easily watch Ricky and Mortin from anywhere in the world. But if you are someone who doesn't want to stress so much, you can wait for it to arrive in US and Canadian catalogs. But you have to wait longer. Most users will advise you because of the abovementioned process of watching Ricky and Mortin in your country.
Although it works, keep in mind that it violates the streaming service's policies. Because we respect the copyright holder and the platform, we do not recommend using this trick.

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