Is Morbius On Netflix

Is Morbius On Netflix

Updated on November 16, 2022 16:56 PM by Michael Davis

Morbi Time is finally open to viewers, with Morbius becoming incredibly popular among Netflix subscribers. His third entry into Sony's Spider-Man universe was to mark Jared Leto's tenure as Dr Mark. Michael Morbius, the living vampire, and Spider-Man villain begin. Morbius was met with overwhelmingly negative reviews, and the film was a disappointment at the box office. Despite mixed reviews, the Venom movie still made a ton of money, but Morbius only made $163 million worldwide during its theatrical release.

Morbius' box office success happened when the film became a popular meme online. Audiences came up with Morbius' silly catchphrase, "It's time for Mobbin." The joke caused Sony to re-release Morbius to theatres, but the film blew up again. With the movie expanding beyond the future of Jared Leto's Morbius and possibly returning to the Marvel Universe, it seemed like the final nail in the coffin. It seemed almost improbable. 

This only seemed to confirm the fate of the film best remembered for its meme (or Matt Smith dance). Sony's superhero film debuted on the streaming service on September 7, 2022. According to Netflix's Top 10 chart, Morbius earned more than 12 million views in his first five days, enough for his fifth most popular movie of the week. However, it has continued to climb the charts ever since. Morbius currently ranks #2 on his top 10 Netflix movies in the US.

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Sony's strong performance of Marvel movies on Netflix continues as Venom became the service's most popular movie in October 2021. Around the Time Way Home was released, it skyrocketed in popularity, spending three weeks in the Top 10.

Morbius' popularity on Netflix is ​​a surprising turnaround for the film, even after the popular Movin' Time meme. Box office performances indicated audiences were not interested in seeing Jared Leto's vampire character. 

However, Netflix is ​​an entirely different beast. His 15% critic rating for Morbius on Rotten Tomatoes may have discouraged many from paying to see it in theaters. However, the film reached new audiences due to its easy access to Netflix. Whether the millions of people who watch Morbius on Netflix ironically are enamored with his jokes or genuinely intrigued, the result is the same.

The popularity is notable because the demand to see it was justified when the Netflix release of Morbius took place without any other motive. The popularity of Venom and Spider-Man: Homecoming was no surprise. Because these movies were hits at the box office, sequels were available shortly before they were released, making it easy for audiences to rewatch them. Morbius 2 is not currently visible, nor are Sony Marvel movies. The Morbin Time meme may have played a part in Morbius' unexpected popularity on Netflix.

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