Is John Wick on Amazon on Netflix?

Is John Wick on Amazon on Netflix?

Updated on November 12, 2022 11:13 AM by Andrew Koschiev

John Wick is an action thriller starring Keanu Reeves. It also became one of the most memorable action movies of the time.

The Movie has three parts. While there are talks about the fourth part. It is supposed to be released in 2023.

The fans of John Wick can also look for a spin-off with Ballerina or the Continentals. It is a new T.V. show set for John Wick. It focuses on the Continental Hotel. It is featured prominently in the film.
Either you watched or are considering watching the Original John Wick. Here is where you can watch John Wick movies.

What is John Wick about?

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The Movie is a story of a hitman taking revenge on a group of Russian-based gangsters as they killed his dog and stole his dog. The Movie tracks down the gangsters and takes revenge for killing his pet.

While on his journey, he contends with the assassins after him. He is also trying to be safe. The police are behind him.

If you are up for an action-packed thriller, say no more. John Wick is set to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The Movie for you is John Wick. The title character, played by Keanu Reeves, delivers a remarkable performance. The Movie is filled with exciting action scenes and intriguing characters.

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The cast of the Movie

John Wick has an impressive cast of actors, including obviously Keanu Reeves.Michael Nyqvist, Ian McShane and Willem Dafoe.

Each actor has their unique capability to deliver an amazing performance.

Particularly excellent in the role of Wick is Keanu Reeves. He skillfully conveys the character's tenacity and resolves, as well as the emotional toll that the Movie's events have on him.

Michael Nyqvist, as an antogonistViggo Tarasov, is supremely talented. He offers an intriguing contrast to Reeves' Wick and perfectly captures his character's cold, ruthless nature.

The whole cast of John Wick is amazing and contributes equally well to the Movie's overall success.

Critics Response

John Wick got mixed reviews, but positive made it the upper hand. Based on reviews from 212 critics, the Movie has an 86% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film receives an 81% audience rating on the website.

The critics have praised the Movie's stylish visuals and the intense action sequence. Most critics enjoyed Keanu Reeves/performance and Michael Nyqvist, calling it an "electric." performance.
However, the Movie's plot could have been more well-developed and coherent by some critics.

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So now, where to watch John Wick's movies?

Are you trying to watch John Wick movies but need clarification as the Movie's ability changes, irrespective of location? But we can give you complete information, whether watching the Movie for free on some platform or renting.

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So in the U.S. 

The original John Wick movie is available to stream in the U.S.A. or rental basis. None of the streaming platforms have it included in their subscription plans. You can even rent the Movie at $3.99 on Apple Tv and Amazon. The John Wick sequels are available for rent on Apple T.V. and Amazon.

In the U.K.

It's good news for Britain fans of John Wick as it is easily available to watch the Movie. All three sequels are available on Sky and Sky Go. If you don't have a Sky subscription, you can rent the movies on Apple Tv, Amazon, and Google Play.

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In Australia, the first sequel of John Wick is available on Netflix. So the ones who binge-watch can watch with a subscription plan. Current chapters 2 and 3 are also added, so it's a cakewalk for you'll.

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With a Netflix subscription plan in Canada, you can watch all three sequels on the streaming platform.


Most countries can watch John Wick with all the sequels on Netflix, even in Europe. Germany, Italy, Netherlands have it on Netflix, while France offers it on Amazon and Ireland offers it on Sky.

The release of John Wick is the most awaited since 2019. It makes viewers question whether they can watch John Wick Nx John Wick 2 on Netflix. In many regions, Netflix did stream the Movie while some are still waiting. So here's our side's update on whether John Wick is on Netflix or if they will release it anytime soon.

John Wick is a great movie about Keanu Reeves's career. It broke many records and revolutionized his career. It is also considered a cult classic. The Movie emphasizes an ex-hitman who made murder a form of art. The first part sees Keanu take a mob down after they killed his dog. At the same time, the second part covers Keanu being dragged into a business he wants to run away from.

The. first part of the Movie was released in 2014, second in 2017. The third is awaited and is supposed to release in May in theatres.

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Why is John Wick not available on Netflix in the U.S?

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John Wick is not available in the U.S. on Netflix. It is due to the contract terms. Earlier Netflix had all the Lionsgate movies; however, the contract has ended.

Most Lionsgate movies are available on Netflix, but only some are there.

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In which regions is John Wick Releasing on Netflix?

So if you live anywhere but the U.S., you are lucky John Wick will certainly be available in your country. Due to Unogs, John Wick is streaming on Netflix in countries like Canada. 

Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and India.

John Wick Chapter two is available on Netflix in Australia, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Spain, and Hungary.

Where can you watch John Wick for Free?

You can watch John Wick for free on Netflix with a subscription plan. However, it depends on your region and if it's available in your region. However, if you want to watch the Movie but it's not available in your region, try the VPN hack and switch to Australia.

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Other movies like John Wick 

So if you don't want to go through the whole fuss but want to watch an action thriller like John Wick by Keanu Reeves or for some fun comedy genre, stay hooked as we guide you with some fun-packed thrillers in the listicles.

Here are some amazing movies by him you can watch.

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Kingsman- The Secret Service

It is a 2014 British Spy action movie. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and also co-written by Jane Goldman and Vaughn. Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Michael Caine, Mark Strong, and Sophie Cookson appear in the Movie. It's a fantastic action movie with some funniest jokes, the best one-liners, and the most inventive action scenes in recent memory.

The man from U.N.C.L.E. 

It is an enjoyable comedy making fans ROFL. The film features some great performances from the cast, especially Henry Cavill. If you are looking for a fun time with friends over a movie, this is the Movie you should watch.

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It is a suspense thriller filled with unexpected twists. It keeps the suspense flowing, and Who can a femme fatale K.G.B. assassin trust as she searches for a way out? Love Luc Besson movies, then Anna is your Movie.

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Looking for something similar to John Wick or, say, want to be hooked to the edge of yours. Seat Well, well, well. Say no more. Alan Ritchson portrays the well-known Lee Child character this time and is excellent. This show is worth binge-watching due to its all-star cast and nonstop action.


It shares a similar theme to John Wick, a color set and a moody protagonist. It is one Movie close to John Wick. It was released in 2019 on Netflix and came with a fantastic soundtrack. Not a complete package like John Wick, but worth it.

The Punisher

If you are willing to watch a series with a partner to kick off some serious stuff, it's wrong not to consider The Punishment. 

Despite being a Marvel series, it is rife with violence, blood, and profanity.

The following are some other recommendations Netflix makes for John Wick:

Assassin Elite

Close (2019) Original Ninja Assassin on Netflix.

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