Is Gotham Netflix Good ?

Is Gotham Netflix Good ?

Updated on November 16, 2022 12:00 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Whether you are the biggest fan of the DC Universe or not, we all know the reality of Batman, Gotham's vigilante, but what about other beloved DC characters? We have brought every hero and villain to life in exactly 100 episodes. So what made the show so successful? Here are some reasons why Gotham is such a good show. But if you're one of those viewers who hate waiting, Gotham might not be the show for you! It's now available on many live platforms, completing a total of five seasons available to watch.


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A great show is nothing without a hero who brings the characters to life. The cast's talents and on-screen and off-screen chemistry make bringing the DC characters we love to live easy. There are no performers halfway through, so watching them work and grow on screen is a privilege. From recurring cast members like David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Ben Mackenzie (James Gordon), and Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) to cast members who only appear in a few episodes, What makes it so special is the dedication of talented cast members to portraying the characters.

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Great shows create great fandom. Gotham is no exception. These devoted fans of the show are ready to welcome newcomers to the fandom family on nearly every social media platform. Fans on Twitter and his Tumblr from his account. The video is available on YouTube and Instagram. From fanfiction published on Archive Of Our Own and Wattpad to apps like Amino, there's no place Gotham fans aren't hooked. Now that the show itself is over, it's the fans that keep the show popular. So, is there a better time than a life of fandom to join a devoted family in the abyss? 

If you're reading and thinking, "enough with Batman's origin story", stop there. . . Whilst the movie shows the growth of Bruce Wayne into the Dark Knight, Gotham's linchpin is on more than this billionaire boy's expedition into manhood. Through a clever mixture of comic canon and the show's originality, Gotham introduces to viewers many characters and plotlines that will have even hardcore comic fans curious about what will happen next! So whether you are that hardcore fan or a newbie interested in scouting the story, Gotham is a show that anyone can sit down to enjoy.

The Plot

Seasons 1 through 5, Gotham follows James Gordon's journey as he confronts some of DC's most notorious and memorable villains as they seek to clear the streets of Gotham City. Filled with mystery, adventure, and even humor, each season gives viewers a compelling story to experience on screen. Each episode adds a new set of twists that will keep you hooked and wanting more as you delve into the story that took place in the years, from the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne to the rise of Gotham's bats.

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As much as the story itself, one aspect that makes the Gotham TV show a compelling series is the themes that appear in all five seasons. Love, loss, betrayal, and desire are all key themes throughout the show, exploring the difference between good and evil, good and evil, and how the lines between the two can sometimes blur. Gotham's creators use these themes between action sequences and suspense-filled scenes to insert more moving and inspirational moments. These moments help teach some of life's most important lessons. For example, standing up for what you believe in and want and being yourself are more important than trying to be what other people want you to be.

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Gotham, the reason was the cast. Because they successfully brought the DC characters we all know and love to the big screen. Now, it's these characters that make the series so compelling! Watching each character interact and develop relationships on screen is half the fun. So don't be quick to judge when it comes to the citizens of Gotham. Compassionate cops may have a dark side. Anyway, looking at Gotham, the crew and cast of this TV show made sure that every character graced the screen was as balanced as the next, each with their fair share of the spotlight.


The villains of this show and town deserve their reputation! Throughout the show's five seasons, many villains have emerged, each bringing panache to Gotham. What makes the villains particularly interesting is the backstory and motivation that define each character. From Penguin's thirst for power and revenge to Mr. Freeze's desperate attempts to save his wife, these villains are incredibly likable and relatable. As each of these individual villains arrives and forms alliances, the question arises of what constitutes a villain.

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The GIFs of the series briefly describe the relationships between characters in Gotham. All the relationships explored between the characters, whether spiritual, familial, romantic, or anything in between, make for great dramatic viewing while watching the series. From the budding intimacy between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, the unrequited love affairs of the Penguin and the Riddler, and the loss of loved ones when a relationship comes to an untimely end, the roller coaster of these relationships is what fans will love. Allows for some of the funniest and most heartbreaking journeys into fandom Life.

A jaw-dropping finale!

Gotham's final season wraps up the show; viewers will face an unexpected alliance. As Gotham is the hottest battleground ever, the characters who have long fought to rid Gotham of crime join forces with some of the greatest criminals to save it. At just 12 episodes, this explosive final season concludes with the ironically titled episode "The Beginning...". It connects the story we've seen as viewers with the one we know all too well: Gotham under Batman's protection.

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