Is 'Good Boys' on Netflix?

Is 'Good Boys' on Netflix?

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"Good Boys” is a funny 2019 romantic comedy movie written by Stupnitsky with Lee Eisenberg and directed by Gene Stupnitsky under his directorial debut. It stars three youngsters; one is a talented young actor named Jacob Tremblay, and the other is Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon. These three sixth graders discover themselves in a place where they are likely to attend a party their famous classmate hosts.   
Good Boys Storyline: A triangle of best friends, Thor, Lucas, and Max, arrive at the sixth standard, facing their hitches. Max had a crush on Brixlee, his classmate. Lucas knows his parents got divorced and so he starts bullying him. Thor insists Max carries on his love of singing. After inviting them to the first kissing party, 12-year-old Max asks his friends Thor and Lucas for some help to gather up. Once the trio caught them at a dead end, Max chose to use a drone of his father to notice a teen girl next door. When these boys lose that drone, they miss the school and make a plan to regain it before Max's father finds out what is going on. 

Cast members

  • "Jacob Tremblay" as Max Newman. 
  • "Keith L. Williams" as Lucas.
  •  "Brady Noon" as Thor Miller.
  •  "Midori Francis" as Lily and "Molly Gordon" as Hannah.
  • "Millie Davis" as Brixlee. 
  • "Will Forte" as Max's father – Andrew Newman. 
  • "Retta" is Lucas' mother.
  • "Lil Rel Howery" as Lucas' father. 
  • "Josh Caras” as Benji.
  • “Izaac Wang” as Soren. 

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Action, Drama 
Critics' Response: According to sources, the movie gets an approval of 80% ratings based on 246 reviews with an average rating of 6.5 out of 10. It states, 'Good boys is one of those movies diluted by an eagerness to indulge in profane comedy. Though, it has an appealing cast and eventually, it delivers a thought-provoking message to shine throughout the film. Richard Roeper, a critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, rated three stars out of a total of four by stating the movie "for all its gross-out, wild and shocking humor, it has won over the hearts of several viewers'.     

  • Good Boys won "Best Stunt Coordination in a Motion Picture" at "Leo Awards" in 2020.
  • Nominated "the People's Choice Awards, USA" for "Favorite Comedy Movie" in 2019. 
  • Nominated as "the Best Young Actor" to Jacob Tremblay in "Music City Film Critics Association Awards" 2020.
  • Won "the Best Ensemble in a Feature Film" in "The Joey Awards, Vancouver" 2019. 
  • Nominated as "the World Stunt Awards" for the Hardest Hit in 2020. 

Release Date: March 11, 2019 (in SXSW) and August 16, 2019 (in the United States)

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  • IMDb – 6.7/10
  •  Rotten Tomatoes – 80% 
  • Metacritic – 60
  • PostTrak – 83% 
  • Common Sense – 3/5 
    "Good Boys" is a tale of three boys trying to learn how to kiss before they join and attend a party hosted by one of their colleagues. Instead of getting help, the trio steals a drone from Max's father to spy on a teen neighbor called Hannah. As a result, the plan goes wrong because Max destroys the drone. The boys tried to make a replacement for that drone, but they encountered fulfilling and painful situations. The movie is a critical and commercial success, with its critics directing reviews.    

Good Boys: Is It Available On Netflix?

(Image Credits: Netflix)

Good Boys is available on Netflix in some areas, namely, Greece, Australia, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Philippines, Israel, Singapore, Russia, Poland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, and Ukraine. In 2021, the name came to Netflix regions. Henceforth, we can expect the movie to release in other Netflix zones by the end of 2021.    
Though, it is probable that the movie will appear on Netflix in the United States. Universal Pictures owned good boys' distribution rights. But without any independent streaming platform on Netflix, it is dubious that Universal films will release on Netflix within the United States. US viewers can watch it once it is available on Peacock.  
You can watch the movie through Netflix in Switzerland and France. If you are not a part of these regions, you can choose a good VPN server and set the location to Switzerland or France. 

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Good Boys: Why Choose VPN to Watch the Movie?

As Netflix has only streaming rights to avail from some regions, you need a VPN to get around geo-blocks by connecting through another country. When you join a server from any of the regions through its streaming rights, Netflix will not kick in as it will think that your location is France or Switzerland since your IP address reflects that country's VPN server; instead, you're in a real place. 

Steps To Easily Watch Wherever You Are

  • First, subscribe to the superior quality VPN service, ExpressVPN.
  • Follow some of the guidelines to download the application into your device.
  •  In the third step, open the app and join it to a server in France. 
  • Log in to the Netflix app and look for 'Good Boys'.
  • Now, you can watch the movie without any interruption. 

 Apart from ExpressVPN, you can also select NordVPN and Surfshark. But you can leverage the outstanding benefits of ExpressVPN. So, start installing it and relish enjoying such an amazing movie. Stay tuned!!

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