Is Ghostbusters' afterlife on Netflix

Is Ghostbusters' afterlife on Netflix

Updated on August 26, 2023 13:35 PM by Andrew Koschiev

After waiting for years, viewers finally get a chance to watch the sequel of "80's Ghostbuster Film", and Netflix subscribers are waiting to know if Ghostbusters Afterlife is available on Netflix.

Ghostbuster Afterlife is undoubtedly a treat after years as an effective movie of the 80s. It will have a course and make a feature in the VOD space.

Are you scared you can't watch the movie in the theatre? Well, no worries. The digital release has been happening in the VOD rental space. The movie cost will be marginal. For Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, and Youtube premium service at $19.99.

Let us get into depth about the movie and where it will be available for the fans.

Ghostbuster is a tribute to the father

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The new sequel is a play about longing for how previously directed by Ivan Reitman, how his son has done the movie. The characters come in light and hence remain.
The backtracks of the film are beyond some connections, in the Ghostbuster Afterlife Post credit scene. It is critical as they tried to show the last moment. The cast also tried to show a good end. It looked like a tribute to the father in the story form.

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In-depth about Ghostbuster Afterlife

Ghostbusters existed as a well-renowned movie in the franchise. It means they had great movies waiting to be launched in their lifetime. The Ghostbusters story slowly takes a turn in the '80s. Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 were released simultaneously. The audience was on the go to watch the movie in the theatres. The iconic logo of the Ghostbuster grabs attention making everyone watch the movie.

The Ghostbusters character has kept the sequence of the plot the same. However, the children in Ghostbuster grandchildren are now Grandsons as they find out about their Grandfather. The revelation process happens much later. It is a slow and steady reveal when the kids realise their Grandfather was a ghostbuster and move to a new place. It makes the Ghostbusters movies connected.

The Cast of Ghostbusters

The Ghostbuster cast is exceptional. When you watch the movie Ghostbuster Afterlife, it tells you what the movie is actually about. Only because of the exceptional cast. Here is the cast list.

Callie is played by Carrie Coon

 Trevor, played by Finn Wolfhard.

Phoebe, played by Mckenna Grace

Gary Grooberson, played by Paul Rudd

Podcast played byLogan Kim

Lucky Domingo, played by Celeste O'Connor

Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray

Raymond "Ray" Stantz, played by Dan Aykroyd

Winston Zeddemore, played by Ernie Hudson
Janine Melnitz played by Annie Potts

Dana Barrett, played by Sigourney Weaver

Dr Egon Spengler's ghost, played by Bob Gunton

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Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson are all seen again in their reprise roles in Ghostbuster Afterlife. While Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace, Carrie Coon and Paul Rudd join the cast. After knowing all this, it makes fans eager to watch the movie for various reasons. And it is no surprise Netflix users are hoping it's on their Standard and Premium plans.

Jason Reitman is the director, and Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace, and Finn Wolfhard play the main characters. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson, who were in the movie's original cast in the 1990s, are also showing up to share old stories.

The newest addition to the Ghostbuster legacy cokes after years after the first two sequels. Despite the movie's fan base, many people still need to remember the title Ghost Removal Experts. In the new story, the late Egon's daughter and her children move to a village area. Only to find out a Ghostbustet is hysterically located.

The first town they visited had gas earthquakes without any faults. Strange things are happening in the mine. It allegedly belonged to Ivo Shandor. Fans played the Ghostbuster game because of him. He is known as the head of the Cult of Gozer. 

Gozer was the villain of the first sequel of Ghostbusters. It turned into Stay Puft Marshmallow, man.

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Where to watch Ghostbuster Afterlife

So which are the streaming platforms for Ghostbuster?

What is the showtime, and when does Ghostbuster Afterlife come about?

It is one hell of a movie. It looks amazing on the big screen, no doubt. Because of the pandemic, the release date was pushed to November 2021. However, Digital releases take the DVD release way. Now, when will the release date of the DVD be given?

The release of the DVD happened already in February.

Ghostbuster Afterlife in Theaters

Ghostbusters was released in Theaters on November 19, 2021. The reality of the movie was halted for a long, long time. They were still determining if the movie would be postponed because of covid in the US and Europe. Ultimately the movie was released in November 2021.

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Ghostbuster Afterlife on streaming Platform 

When Ghostbuster was released on VOD, many expected it to be apart from Starz. Ghostbusters Afterlife won't be available on other streaming platforms. Starz had good collaborative deals with Sony. Hence it was expected Ghostbusters Afterlife would stream there.

But one cannot expect Sony to collaborate with HBO Max, part the deal in their favour, and allow Ghostbuster Afterlife on their streamer. But the main question here is, How many Ghostbusters movies are there? So a total of 3 movies while the other two are also available on streamers like Peacock and HBO. But not with the new movie.
Disney, due to some reason, has not picked the movie. The deal didn't crack through because of various reasons.

Ghostbuster is a mysterious yet Dark Movie. It has fantasy, mystery, horror and supernatural elements. Eventually, it doesn't fit the Disney theme

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Ghostbuster Afterlife's Ghost Evan is a promising premise

Due to the failure of Ghostbuster 2 in 1989, Evan, the bespectacled man who loved creating weapons to kill ghosts, finally manifested as a spirit. After battling a demon, the specificity of their weapons severely backfired, and he became a ghost.

Ghostbuster is available on Netflix except for Starz. You get the movie at different prices. It comes with an encompassing subscription. You can skip paying extra for the movies. One good thing is that Netflix is on good terms with Sony. They have multiple deals. Signed between these two parties with great headlines.

Is Ghostbusters: Afterlife available on Netflix

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There are many movies available in the Netflix library. Many great movies Netflix offers. Unfortunately, Ghostbuster Afterlife won't be one of them. No reports are climbing if there will be any change in the coming future. Many great titles to enjoy during Halloween include Blood Red Sky, Hubie Halloween, Vampire Vs the Bronx, and The Haunting, which are available on the streaming platform.

The film has also performed quite well at the box office, with close to 200 million. The movie's 2016 remake was a bitter pill that caused numerous controversies. Additionally, the film had no relation to the original film, contributing to its failure. However, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a continuation of the 1989 film Ghostbusters 2, ignoring the 2016 version of the franchise.

Netflix has released no official statement regarding the recent update to their watchlist. However, the information confirms that the movie will begin streaming on March 10.

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So where can you watch Ghostbuster Afterlife

Ghostbuster Afterlife was released on November 19 2021, in the theatre. Although there is no confirmation yet if the movie will be available on the streaming platform on the same day as Black Widow was available on Disney + the day it was released in theatres.

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How to download movies on Amazon Prime

You can download movies via Amazon Prime. Not one, not two, but three movies. All you need is the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader. It can download multiple movies.


Ghostbuster Afterlife is one crazy movie. This article has all the information regarding the storyline, plots, and release date in theatres and streaming platforms. We also cleared which streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and others if it's available. Suppose it's available on VOD or No. Often swapped with the term Big 5. Suppose you are interested in genres like action comedy, paranormal comedy, and horror comedy. This is the movie for you. We recommend this movie to you and your peers.

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