Is Adventure Time On Netflix

Is Adventure Time On Netflix

Updated on November 18, 2022 15:09 PM by Dhinesh

Yes, Adventure Time On Netflix. Fans of the animated series are curious to find out if it's streaming on Netflix. So the amazing adventure of Finn and Jack available on Netflix?

Netflix has content licensing deals and it varies from country to country. Hence it could be one reason you may not be able to watch Adventure Time On Netflix in your country. 

But there are several countries where animated series are streaming. So you can use the VPN method and watch Adventure Time on Netflix from your country.


Adventure Time is an iconic cartoon series. The animated series covers two unique companions, or to be the special friendship of Jack and Finn, as they go on an Adventure.
Finn is the Human, and Jack is a dog is a friendship that fans love. The animated series theme has brilliant character representation, and it ended in September 2108.

The animated series first ran on Cartoon Network in 2010. Some of the episodes of the animated series were also telecasted on HBO Max. The Original Pilot episode of the animated show landed on Nicktoons. After airing the first ten episodes and then making it to 283. The animated series ran for 11 long years. It is undoubtedly a very popular animated show and is widely known and loved. Fans of Jack and Finn are asking if Adventure Time is on Netflix. So here we are going to reveal all the details of the Cartoon Series.

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So can you watch Adventure Time on Netflix

(Image Credits: Netflix

Unfortunately, the popular cartoon series is not available on Netflix in the US and Netflix UK. Earlier, yes, the animated series was streaming on the platform. Later, Hulu Plus acquired the streaming rights to the Cartoon series.

The streaming platform also has some deals with Cartoon Network. Hence the reason Adventure Times is streaming on Netflix.

But the good news is that Adventure Time is available to more than just the residents of the US. Adventure Time is available in your country if you live in other locations. So you can still watch the animated series on Netflix from your country.

Adventure Time is available on Netflix and streaming in 23 countries.

Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Thailand, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Argentina, Switzerland and Brazil.

But what if you are from the US and Uk

Does this mean you won't be able to watch Adventure Time on Netflix anytime soon? You still can; however, you won't be able to watch it directly from your Netflix Content Library. You will need a VPN.

If you use a VPN, you can lock the content of any country and watch it in your content library.

Steps to using a VPN to watch Adventure Time on Netflix.

Pick a good VPN with a good speed, and subscribe to it. Example ExpressVPN.

Download the VPN and connect to a server of any country where Adventure Time is available.

Open your Netflix gallery.

Now Search for Adventure Times and Enjoy

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Why is a VPN important

A VPN changes your virtual location. It gains access to the content of the country's server you connect to.

It helps you watch movies and series and find restricted content not streaming in your country.

So once you use a VPN, you get access to the Netflix library of different countries. Now you can watch the series from Netflix even if it is now available in your country. Here's the catch: make sure to use a reputed VPN only.

While looking for a VPN, ensure it is compatible with three or four devices. You might use it to access the Internet.

The VPN should come with a user-friendly interface. It can protect you from technical Mess in the future.

Good and quality VPNs have servers in many countries. Hence you can watch your favourite seasons of Adventure Time on Netflix without any botheration.

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Can you use a Free VPN to watch Adventure Time

You can, but there are better ideas or safe options than this one. Purchase a reliable VPN to save you from the troubles of the future. Some VPNs come with a 30-day trial and a money-back guarantee. Check them out.

Overview of The Adventure Times

The comedy animated series revolves around a 12-year-old boy and his dog. Jake is the dog who has magical powers. The two are on an adventure. The two friends go to post-apocalyptic places on an adventure. They are also facing troubles in their journey and saving themselves. It makes it super interesting to watch the animated series at any age.

Even if it is an animated series, and one might feel it's for kids, adults are huge fans of the cartoon series.

Adventure Time is sure to keep you hooked on your device. Trust us when we say you won't be able to stop yourself from bingeing the amazing series. Even IMDB has rated

Adventure Time with an 8.6/10

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The Cast of Adventure Time

The following are the voice artists for the characters in The Adventure Times.

John DiMaggio

Jeremy Shada

Tom Kenny

Hynden Walch

Olivia Olson

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Will Season 11 of Adventure Time be on Netflix

(Image Credits:

The animated series ran on television with Season 10. The story is based on Ted Anderson's comics. The comic focuses on The Great Gum War. The characters make new friends and face new challenges.

It is not declared if Season 11 is in production. The agreement between Hulu and Cartoon Network is between Hulu and Cartoon Network. So we won't be able to watch Adventure Time on Netflix.


Burning Adventure Time on Netflix during the weekend or the holiday season is the best idea. So now, you can watch the movie on Netflix and Hulu.

However, if you are living in the US or Uk, there is nothing to worry. You can still watch the animated series by using our tips and tricks to use a Good VPN. You can use ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surf Shark.

So without any further ado, go ahead and binge Adventure Time.

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