In the Netflix series Uncoupled, Neil Patrick Harris Experiences the Five Stages of Grief

In the Netflix series Uncoupled, Neil Patrick Harris Experiences the Five Stages of Grief

Updated on August 01, 2022 15:24 PM by Andrew Koschiev

In Uncoupled, a new romantic comedy series on Netflix. His character, real estate broker Michael, is surprised when his partner Colin leaves after 17 years of marriage. Michael is abruptly thrown back into the dating scene in New York.

Ten years of struggle. Before this job, I had spent about ten years working in roles that were as far from who I am as possible," Harris, 49, mentions previous roles as the lothario Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

Harris enjoyed playing different characters. He continues, "I thought it was entertaining to play as many various versions of me that were not like me. 

A sophisticated comedian. The New Yorker was intrigued by the idea of portraying a sophisticated comic life that was "quite similar to my own in certain aspects — same location as where I live, the same duration of relationship that I'm currently in — but suddenly it's totally different."How would Neil react to a whole different world more subduedly?

In the series, Michael, who is still in love with his ex, struggles with how much the world has changed in the past 19 years, including the emergence of dating apps like Grindr.

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Michael is going through the five stages of grief due to his separation. "Although he is trying to move on, the agony of what happened is still with him and is influencing everything he is experiencing.

In the end, the artists used heartache taken from real life. Even though he can go out and attempt to have a good time, in the end, he gets a gut blow from life's realities."A romantic comedy.

Richman states, "Darren and I both knew of long-term gay relationships where one partner did what Colin does to Michael." "We thought that would be a fantastic starting point for a romantic comedy. The lowest position from which you could possibly have come."

Uncoupled doesn't give Michael a lot of time to mope. The protagonist's straight-talking real estate partner Suzanne (Tisha Campbell), famous weatherman Billy (Emerson Brooks), and sensitive art dealer friend Stanley assist him in picking up the pieces (Brooks Ashmanskas).Michael's struggle with the penthouse.

Additionally, a particularly challenging new client named Claire (Marcia Gay Harden), a bitter divorcee, shows up to divert attention. Claire puts Michael through his paces as he struggles to sell her exorbitant penthouse.

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The series thoroughly explains how divorcing single couples can upset a whole network of friends. Typically, in a breakup comedy, the pair splits up, the ex is a jerk, and 90 minutes later, the hero moves on and finds happiness. Watkins, who portrays Michael's ex, adds that this is a different kind of show. Uncoupled is about a breakup and everything that comes with it.

Star praised Harris' risk-taking attitude while filming, whether diving into a stunt or falling backward while skiing in the Catskills. She also congratulated Michael's newly-single sex scenes.

Neil was figuratively really taking risks all the time. I felt like Neil was doing the same thing in these sequences, just like the character Michael is taking a lot of wild risks in his life that he's never taken before," he says. "And it wasn't sexual... 

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