Daniel Radcliffe was a fan of playing villains in 'The Lost City.'.

Daniel Radcliffe was a fan of playing villains in 'The Lost City.'.

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It felt fantastic to be horrible for Daniel Radcliffe 

In the new adventure comedy "The Lost City," the English actor, who rose to fame as the heroic Harry Potter, enjoys playing an eccentric villain."It's always fun to try something new. It's not something I do very often in my career, playing the bad guy, so it's a lot of fun," Radcliffe told theDaily News"There's a lot to appreciate about playing a hero... but it's also nice to spend a movie not having to be the emotional center of the movie, or the audience's eyes, or anything like that, and just to sort of like, oh yeah, I don't have to be sympathetic or lovable or any of those things."

 bombastic billionaire 

Abigail Fairfax, a bombastic billionaire, obsessed with finding an ancient item from the Lost City of D, is played by Radcliffe in the film, which opens in theatres on Friday. He kidnaps Sandra Bullock's character Loretta Sage, a romance author who mentions the Lost City in her book, in the hopes of enlisting her assistance in locating the riches. Channing Tatum, who plays Loretta's cover model, then embarks on an ill-equipped rescue expedition, causing chaos in the woods.

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 Radcliffe remarked 

"It's very, very heightened in situations, and the characters are continuously in danger," Radcliffe remarked, "but even in those settings, everyone is still quite quippy and amusing.""That has a very classic feel about it." The journey that the audience should take is purely enjoyable. There are plenty of action and thriller elements, and it's a compelling plot, but you're ultimately hooked because you care about the characters."

 Radcliffe stated 

 Radcliffe, 32, said he enjoyed portraying the adversary in a comedy and handled the character differently than he would in a pure drama.Radliffe described his character as "the least favorite son of a media mogul." "He's amoral and evil, yet all of his poor behavior stems from a very normal and slightly sad need to be loved, and he badly wants his father to be impressed by him." "I think it was interesting because the terrible activities came from a very mundane and human place."The film was shot in the Dominican Republic, with several scenes taking place in the jungle.

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 extraordinary scenery   

According to Radcliffe, the location produced "extraordinary scenery" that can be seen throughout "The Lost City," who praised the film's use of a helicopter unit rather than drones to capture the natural splendor."We had a proper helicopter unit on this," Radcliffe explained, "so some of those images of the ocean and of the mountains really make you feel the scope of it in a different way." "It's really cool," says the speaker.

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 Broadway during his career  

Working with Bullock and Tatum was a dream come true for the actor, who has frequently appeared on Broadway during his career." Obviously, I grew up on the 'Potter' films and working with wonderful actors like Maggie Smith and Richard Harris," he added, "but I didn't have an understanding for who they were and what they had done as a young child.""Grew up watching Sandra's films, being on set with her is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." It's a little nerve-wracking at first, but she rapidly puts you at ease.""The Lost City" had its international debut at the South by Southwest festival in Austin earlier this month, marking Radcliffe's first visit to a cinema since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

 He also further stated  

"It was simply wonderful," Radcliffe added. "It was great to sit in front of an audience and hear how they reacted to things." It was very much a reminder, as in, "Oh yes, this is why movies are great, and this is why I've been missing out on this."

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