In Chicago, Shaina Hurley and Christos Lardakis get married in Love Is Blind 2

In Chicago, Shaina Hurley and Christos Lardakis get married in Love Is Blind 2

Updated on July 13, 2022 17:00 PM by Emma Alice

Love Is Blind star Shaina Hurley and her fiance Christos Lardakis were married in a private ceremony at a Chicago courthouse. Although Shaina's love quest in Love Is Blind Season 2 ended tragically, the freelance hairstylist has demonstrated that she will never give up on love or marriage. Through an Instagram post that showed the couple snuggling up in an idyllic Mykonos beach location back in March, Shaina made her relationship with Chris Lardakis official. Shaina's clients include big-name celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, while Christos is a contractor and CEO of a Chicago restaurant chain known as Kanela Breakfast Club. It had been almost a year since Christos proposed to his now-wife in March.

One of the most memorable characters and couples in Love is Blind season 2 was Shaina, who sparked a contentious love triangle that scandalized viewers and contestants alike. Her doubts appeared almost immediately after accepting Kyle Abrams' proposal in the blind dating pods. When Shayne Jansen proposed to Natalie Lee on her own and Kyle made a sincere declaration of love (not to mention he proposed with the ring of his late mother), Shaina gave her backup love another try. Shaina realized she couldn't overcome two major obstacles in her relationship with Kyle: their religious differences and the fact that she still cared about Shayne, and so things went south quickly with Kyle.

After the show, Kyle and Shaina parted ways, with Kyle claiming he felt deceived throughout the process, and even saying that he wished he had proposed instead to fellow contestant Deepti Vempati. Christos and Shaina were married on July 2 in the Chicago courthouse. It was such a small ceremony that only his daughter and a friend were present. Despite having an intimate wedding in Greece, Love Is Blind star Shaina and Christos are planning a more elaborate one later this summer, according to other sources. According to their parents, the couple received their parents' blessing for getting married the way they did, so when the entire family returns to Greece, there shouldn't be any hard feelings.

In the aftermath of Love Is Blind, Christos was a constant and unwavering support for Shaina, according to insiders. Despite Shaina's brief engagement with Kyle, these hard-working entrepreneurs have chosen to stay far away from the public eye. For the moment, it is to their advantage. Even though Shaina's family's history with Kyle is not encouraging, no news has yet surfaced regarding how they are reacting to her new son-in-law Christos. Christos' daughter and a close friend of the family have been the only ones invited so far to their ceremony. Fans have expressed hope that Christos will be treated better than her ex-fiancé Kyle by her family. When the construction worker confessed to Shaina's love, her parents hardly batted an eye.

It's understandable to be skeptical when one's daughter gets engaged to a stranger, but Shaina's family seemed intent on dismissing Kyle as soon as possible, even grilling him about his atheism, which caused the couple to feel uncomfortable. The couple seems to have emerged from their previous relationships, and from Love Is Blind, with a firmer sense of who she is and what she wants in a marriage, whatever the contingencies behind their decisions. She revealed before Love Is Blind she was stuck in a controlling relationship. In the show, she was reactive and defensive due to her engagements with Kyle and Shayne. Now Shaina's self-confidence shines through her commitment and refusal to succumb to pressure from fans and friends alike. This happy couple should be commended for their success despite many Love Is Blind fans' speculation and preconceptions.

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