Important announcement from Netflix! All set to enjoy this December 2022

Important announcement from Netflix! All set to enjoy this December 2022

Updated on November 26, 2022 09:52 AM by Michael Davis

But one thing never changes: new films are always coming out on Netflix for movie night. In addition to blockbusters such as Slumberland starring Jason Momoa, animated movies like Wendell & Wild, a spooky stop-motion film such as Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, and fairy tales like The School for Good and Evil, there's also a new mystery with Glass Onion.

Here's everything to add to your Netflix queue over the next few months. After a breakup, a woman goes to romantic Verona, Italy, only to find that her reserved villa was double-booked, forcing her to share it with a very good-looking British man. He collapses after being stressed and seeks relief in a small town surrounded by nature, following medical advice.

While Toninho da Vila, a drum master for his samba school, is rehearsing for the next carnival in this new neighborhood, his plans for peace and tranquillity won't last long. A new adventure reveals that opposites can become best friends, although Ivy and Bean never expected they would be. Ivy is quiet, thoughtful, observant, and a little shy. Bean is playful, exuberant, and a little more fearless.

Completely messed up the situation

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Taking advantage of Ivy's witchlike powers, Bean helps Ivy harness her magic to save the school, and they also manage to mess up Nancy's day with their ritual completely. After enrolling in ballet class, Ivy and Bean discovered it was not allowed to fight, kick, or "dance to the death" in class. When Bean's parents don't allow her to quit, Ivy agrees to choreograph the big dance festival performance with her.

This Oscar-nominated documentary explores the anthrax attacks against the US in 2001 and the FBI's most complicated investigation to date. As well as sharing shocking and heartbreaking stories from investigators, survivors, and families of those infected, the documentary features scripted reenactments based on FBI field notes and emails.

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Road trip with family across the country

A BBC Studios production, The Anthrax Attacks stars Clark Gregg as Dr. Bruce Ivins. This high-octane action thriller follows Brenda and her family on a cross-country road trip that turns into a highway to hell. Alone in the desert of New Mexico, they are targeted by a killer who wants to kill them. Since childhood, Kosuke and Natsume have been friends.

However, their relationship seems strained as they keep avoiding each other as time passes. They visit a housing complex scheduled for demolition one day during their summer vacation. The area holds many memories since they grew up there. Suddenly, they are caught up in a mysterious phenomenon and discover that they are in the middle of an ocean. A mysterious sea has swallowed the housing complex, and Kosuke and Natsume are stranded.

Four decades of forbidden love

Can they return to the life they once had? The storm rages, a young girl is abducted, and the mysterious neighbor teams up with her to hunt for the kidnapper. But their journey reveals shocking revelations from their pasts. With its soundtrack of juke joint blues from the deep South, A Jazzman's Blues weaves a tale of forbidden love that unfolds over forty years.

Three siblings have their lives turned upside down after their youngest brother tragically dies unexpectedly. This reimagined biography of Marilyn Monroe examines the split between her life's public and private sides. During their friendship, Craig, a young boy from a small town, and Mr. Harrigan, a reclusive billionaire, form an unlikely bond over their love of books.

Some connections never fade away

Even though Mr. Harrigan has passed away, Craig discovers that not all is lost and uses his iPhone to communicate with him from the grave. Some connections never get lost in this supernatural coming-of-age story. The short story is based on the work of Stephen King.

In Luckiest Girl Alive, Ani FaNelli is a sharp-tongued New Yorker who appears to have it all: a lucrative job with a glossy magazine, a killer wardrobe and a wedding planned for Nantucket. Amid her meticulously crafted life, Ani is forced to confront a dark truth that threatens to unravel her life after the director of a crime documentary asks her to share her side of the shocking incident that occurred when she was a teenager at Brentley School.

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