How To Watch Friends Without Netflix For Free

How To Watch Friends Without Netflix For Free

Updated on November 14, 2022 10:56 AM by Michael Davis

It’s hard to assume it’s been nearly 25 years since Friends first aired. And, even almost fifteen years after the movie ended, the show is still a massive success. With fans of all ages, some of whom weren’t even born when the first season debuted, the show pursued to rival some of the most amazing television shows of that time.

In various ways, Friends is more than just a TV Show. It’s a new pop culture phenomenon with fans all around the state still flocking to their TV sets (and tablets) to see Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey sit on an orange couch in a New York City coffee shop. Many of these viewers only have access to the show through a Netflix subscription.

‘Friends’ On Netflix

Without any new series, Friends still manages to make Warner Bros. around $1 billion in syndication every year. In 2015, Warner Bros. upped the ante with a Netflix deal. As per the reports, Netflix paid a whopping $118 million for the Friends catalog, including all ten seasons and 236 episodes. Friends were only accessible in the United States but has now been released in other countries.

Now, Netflix subscribers can access their favorite episodes or re-watch the series from start to finish with a standard plan.

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Can Viewers Watch ‘Friends’ On Hulu

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Hulu is actually a popular live service with popular sitcoms like Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, and Fraiser. But for some reason, the Friends Netflix deal was exclusive, so other platforms, such as Hulu, do not have the right to air the show. If viewers have Hulu and still want to watch Friends, new viewers can log on for a one-month free trial, which is plenty of time to binge-watch the first few seasons.

As per the reports, Netflix was allegedly approached to purchase Seinfeld but didn’t due to how much the movie costs. There is not a single word on how much, but Hulu purchased the coup streaming rights for $160 million ($42 million is actually more than Netflix paid for Friends).

How To Enjoy The Show ‘Friends’ Without Netflix

Moreover, to Netflix, Friends still lives on a few television channels across the country. It’s actually safe to say that at least one network is playing Friends. Some local stations might air the show occasionally, but you can guarantee reruns on TBS and Nickelodeon. Viewers can ask about it in their local TV guide.

Re-streaming isn’t the only platform to see Friends without Netflix. You can also get the episodes and seasons on Amazon and iTunes, and you might even be able to watch episodes on YouTube though those tend to get deleted due to some copyright problems. Above all, you can get the entire show or select random episodes (on DVD) from retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

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