How to sign out of Netflix on Roku

How to sign out of Netflix on Roku

Updated on November 11, 2022 12:51 PM by Sally Harbor

To use streaming services such as Netflix, you must first log in. If you want to change to another account, you must first log out of the service. This article will usher you on how to sign out of Netflix on Roku. The procedure differs depending on the Roku device.

Roku TVs and streaming devices are widely utilized and popular, notably for streaming entertainment. Netflix is a popular streaming service that is also accessible on Roku for watching movies and TV series in a variety of languages. This instruction is for you if you are already using Netflix on Roku and wish to log out.

There could be various reasons why you would wish to unsubscribe from Netflix. Perhaps you no longer have an active Netflix subscription, are uninstalling Netflix from your Roku TV, or are logging in with a new Netflix account. There could be various reasons you wish to log out of Netflix on Roku TV. Anyway, if you want to log out of Netflix on Roku, keep reading to learn how.

How can you Log Out of Netflix on Roku?

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From the Netflix home screen

You may also pick Get Help from the left-hand menu bar or enter Settings, which is sometimes represented by a gear icon. In any case, a Sign out button will appear in the next window. When prompted,

Press Yes to confirm.

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How can you Sign Out of Netflix on Roku 1?

The Roku 1 has Netflix hooks built right into the Roku OS, so you'll need to do the following:

Move to the Settings menu from the Roku home screen (not Netflix).

Select Netflix Settings.

Choose to Remove this player from my Netflix account.

To confirm, press Yes.

How to Unsubscribe from Netflix on Roku 2 and LT

On these devices, you must completely remove the Netflix channel by selecting it from your Roku home screen, pressing the star/asterisk button on your remote, and then selecting Remove channel twice.

The most efficient way to log out of Netflix on a Roku 2

To mark out on a Roku, you must first deactivate the device in your Netflix account.

Navigate to the Roku settings screen.

Choose "Netflix settings" from the available options.

Select "Remove this device from my Netflix account" from the menu.

When provoked, affirm your decision.

You can log out of Netflix on one Roku device without impacting your other Roku devices. Marking out of Netflix on one Roku device does not sign you out on other Roku devices.

However, removing a channel from one Roku device will remove it from all of your Roku devices that are signed into the same Roku account. It is a quick interaction to add Roku channels.

Deactivating your Roku implies the device no longer has the authorization to connect to your Netflix account. To use Netflix on that device, you must reauthorize it.

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How to sign out of Netflix Using the Roku App

Open the Roku app. If you don't already have it, get it from the Android or iOS app stores.

Sign in using the Roku account from which you want to unsubscribe from Netflix.

At the top of the app, select the My Channels tab.

Open the Netflix app and navigate to the Netflix channel.

Now, at the top left, tap on the hamburger menu.

Finally, hit Signout and confirm your exit by tapping Yes.

You have now logged out of Netflix on your Roku device.

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How to Logout of Netflix on Roku Using the Netflix Website

You can use the Netflix website if you don't have access to your Roku or are on vacation and want to sign out of Netflix on Roku. The steps are as follows.

Launch your web browser on your phone or computer and navigate to the Netflix website.

Simply go to the Manage Devices page after you've signed in.

Select the Sign out option to sign out of all devices that are currently signed into Netflix.

All of your devices will be signed out.

How to Sign out of Netflix on Roku 3 and Roku 4

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Finally, if you have the most current Roku devices, you can sign out of Netflix by following these steps.

Ensure your Roku device is turned on and linked to a wireless network.

Navigate to and open the Netflix channel with the remote.

You may be asked to select a screen. If applicable to your Netflix account, select any.

Navigate to the left of the app to bring up the app's menu screen.

Select the Get Help option from the menu by scrolling down.

Select the Sign Out option while the Get Help screen is displayed.

The app will pop up "if you want to sign out". Select the Yes option.

That's how you sign out of your Netflix account on a Roku 3 or Roku 4 device.


Q: Will logging out of Netflix on Roku result in the deletion of my account? 

A: No, when you sign out of Netflix on your Roku device, only the app and any data associated with the app that is saved on your Roku device are erased and deleted. Your Netflix account will always be available when you return.

Q: Will Netflix be reinstallable on my Roku?

A: Yes, you can install and uninstall the Netflix channel as often as you want on your Roku app.

Q: Do I have to pay to get the Netflix channel on my Roku?

A: The Netflix channel on the Roku shop is available for free download. You'll only have to pay when you want to watch Netflix. The payment factor is only there if you intend to subscribe to any of the different Netflix plans.

Q: Will I be signed out of Netflix if I delete the Roku channel?

A: Yes. You will be signed out as soon as you deactivate or delete the Netflix channel from your Roku device. You will have to sign in again the next time you download the Netflix channel on your Roku.

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