How do screen record Netflix?

How do screen record Netflix?

Updated on November 16, 2022 18:24 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Netflix is a popular streaming site for people to subscribe to special series. It does not allow you to download its video streams, as it might it possible to watch them offline after the subscription ends. One of the best solutions is to use a screen recorder. The best free screen recorders to record Netflix videos are.

  • Vmaker
  • EaseUs Recexperts
  • Loom
  • Snagit
  • Bandicam
  • Active Presenter
  • Screeners
  • Nimbus
  • TinyTake
  • Ezvid

Vmaker for screen recording!

(Image Credits: EaseUS RecExpert)

Vmaker is one of the best screen recorders that allows you to record unlimited videos for free without any watermark. It also has a free built-in video editor to edit, crop, rotates, and trim your recorded videos. Vmaker has a free lifetime plan, and you can use it free without any payment. 

Key features of Vmaker!

  • Watermark free recording
  • Free built-in video editor
  • Lifetime free plan
  • Unlimited number of recordings
  • HD recording up to 4K in premium plans

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Screen record on Netflix using Vmaker!

  • Open Netflix in your browser and launch Vmaker.
  • Select the current tab recording mode to record your video with internal audio.
  • Go to preferences under settings and enable Use system audio to record your internal audio.
  • Now you are all set to screen-record your Netflix video. Just click the start recording button and play your video in full-screen mode. 
  • Clicking on the red button or using the shortcut keys to stop recording. Once you stopped the video that got uploaded to your private Vmaker cloud account.
  • Now, you can edit and share your recordings

 Tips for screen recording Netflix!

  • External tabs and applications can distract you with notifications and slows down processing power. It is best to close all the external tabs and applications.
  • A fluctuating internet connection may interrupt video quality while being streamed and recorded. So make a note and record with a stable internet connection.
  • If you plan to capture videos only with your system audio, then make sure you mute your microphone before recording. Mute your external microphone. 

Screen recording with some recording software on Windows 10 PC, Max iPhone, and Android

Screen Record Netflix on Windows 10!

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is a powerful screen-capturing tool that can record all videos and audio visible on screen. Besides being a video recorder, it’s also great audio recording software that allows you to record audio and webcam.  

Key features of EaseUS RecExperts!

  • Record videos with system and microphone sound
  • The task scheduler offers automatic screen recording
  • Record Webcam and Screen Simultaneously
  • The quality of the output videos reaches 1080P/4K. 

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Steps to record video!

  • Open the browser, visit the web where you want to record the Netflix videos, and then close the hardware acceleration in the web settings. 
  • Download EaseUS RecExperts to start recording the Netflix videos. 
  • Launch the app and choose recording mode from full screen to get a better experience. 
  • You can also select the record silently function; the recording process will be muted without muting the recorded video. 
  • You can press the red button 'REC’  to start recording, to pause recording, click the 'White’ Pause button, and to end the recording click the ‘Stop’ button.                        
  • Finally, the recording list window will open, so you can view and manage your recorded videos. 

Screen Record Netflix on Mac!

Mac Screen recorder is the best way to record streaming videos on Netflix. You can capture Netflix movies on full screen, allowing you to record a webcam with an internal or external webcam.  

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Steps to record video on Mac!

  • Open the streaming video and launch EaseUS RecExperts to get used to the interface on your Mac and make the video play full screen.
  • Click settings to apply more options, including changing the output format of the video and the quality. 
  • Enable the system sound if you want to record audio and screen simultaneously.
  • Click OK to ensure the audio options are after hitting REC to start recording. 
  • Hit the stop icon to stop the recording task. Now, you can review the target savings from the lists.

Screen Record Netflix on iPhone!

On iPhone, there is a free way to record movies from Netflix using an iOS screen recorder. If your phone runs on iOS 11, you can record video from Netflix in simple steps. 

Steps to record video on Mac!

  • Open the Netflix show that you want to record on your iPhone. 
  • Swipe up from the bottom screen to find the Screen Recorder icon, and your video will start recording.
  • To end it, you can stop recording by clicking on the red button in the floating recording control. 

Screen Record Netflix on Android!

In Smartphone with Android 10, you can record Netflix with the built-in screen recorder. This stable app has a high-quality screen recorder for Android users to capture clear-screen videos. 

Steps to record video on Android!

  • Download and install the app on Android Phone and open the Netflix video.
  • Open AZ Screen Recorder and tap Recording, ‘Start now to begin your recordings. 
  • If you are done with recording, then click the stop button to end the recording. 

Screen Record Netflix Online!

Screen Recorder App is a Chrome browser extension. It can record everything that you are playing through the browser, including Netflix. You can also use an extension to screen recordings, but it works efficiently when it comes to tab recording of the browser.  

Steps to record video Online!

  • Install the Chrome Extension and open Netflix in the browser. 
  • Select Screen, System Sound, and click on the start recording button.  
  • You can click on stop recording and save the video on the computer.

There are efficient ways to record streaming videos from Netflix. If you want to record videos, the above steps will help you capture and record videos from Netflix. The above screen records will also allow you to set the video format to export. It is better to pick up EaseUS RecExperts because it offers multiple functionalities. 

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