Holiday Gift Guide 2022 from ComicBook Nation

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 from ComicBook Nation

Updated on November 25, 2022 18:14 PM by Andrew Koschiev

There are a bunch of great deals going on during the holiday season, so you can get a new board game or spread some Christmas cheer by adding a game to someone else's collection. There were a lot of challenges in 2022 for the board game industry, but there were still a bunch of amazing games that hit the stores, and if you are looking for the perfect game for Christmas, then we have got you covered with our one-stop shop.

The following slide contains our comprehensive ComicBook Nation Board Game Holiday Guide for 2022. You can view our full list on the next slide if you want all-encompassing experiences, party games, kid games, or your favourite Marvel, Star Wars, and D.C. characters.

The games you want can be found at a reasonable price or offer the most bang for your buck, so we have you covered whether you have some disposable income or want the best price. On the next slide, you can check out all the games in the Christmas section, so if you need something to go along with your Christmas party or family gathering, you can do that.

Player Experience


While it may take a bit longer to learn these games, those who dive in will be happy with them as these games are perfect for players who do not fear devoting a few hours to an experience that focuses on immersion and depth above all else. Many titles fit perfectly into this category, such as Twilight Inscription, Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar, Familiar Tales, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Anno 1800, and Rear Window.

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Friendly to new players

It is ideal for people who want a game that is welcoming to new board game players but that also offers enough challenge for longtime players to enjoy as well, as our New Player Friendly games are perfect entryways into genres and experiences that they may not be as familiar with the first time. 3000 Scoundrels, Stranger Things Attack of The Mind Flayer, Ticket to Ride San Francisco, Zombicide: Gear Up, Smash Up: Disney, and The Wizard of Oz: Adventure Book Game.

A Christmas themes

Christmas is around the corner, so we are remiss, not to mention some of your favourite holiday games. Some of your favourite holiday games have found their way into board games, making them ideal for a family gathering or a Christmas Party. Among them is Disney Stitch Merry Mischief! Card Game, Elf: Journey from the North Pole Deluxe, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles the Game, and Christmas Story, a major card game.

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The best party games

There are a few games we have here that should go over well regardless of what kind of fan you are, so if you are not having a Christmas party or just a gathering of friends who want to catch up, we have you covered. Also, new players can easily get up to speed and start having fun with games such as Win the Night, Disney A Goofy Movie Game, and Wordle: The Party Game if they join the table for the first time.

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Playing licensed games

Licensed board games are becoming increasingly popular, delivering incredible experiences based on the worlds you love most. Fans of Star Wars, Disney, DC, Marvel, E.T., and more are in for a treat if they try out these tabletop games, which offer a variety of franchises like Star Wars, Disney, DC, Marvel, and Marvel Studios. The My Hero Academia CCG, Star Wars The Clone Wars A Pandemic System Game, and E.T. Light Years From Home make our recommendations.

Games based on miniatures


You can jump into two awesome miniature-based games from Atomic Mass Games if you are a fan of Marvel and Star Wars, as well as miniature-based games. There are a lot of awesome characters and vehicles you can create in an army within Marvel: Crisis Protocol and Star Wars: Legion, and the expansions that add scenarios, operatives, and terrain make them even more exciting.

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This year there are tons of great expansions to choose from, so you do not have to worry about a new game. Adding a new game to your collection is a lot of fun and excitement. It is no secret that hit games like Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game, Marvel Champions, Funkoverse, G.I. Joe Deck-Building Game, Power Rangers Deck-Building Game, Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, and Star Wars: Outer Rim have all had fantastic expansions or are about to add.

This a great gift idea for children

Kid's games have been a strong year, but even though they are geared toward children, they will still be loved by adults. As some of these games are highly collectable, they make ideal Stocking Stuffers so that those who already own them can expand their game even further as Stocking Stuffers. Disney Hidden Mickeys, Marvel Battleworld Series 4, Rise of the Symbiotes, Funko Disney Kingdom mania Series 1, and Marvel Eye Found It is some of them!

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