Here's how Adaline Age Ended: How did it happen

Here's how Adaline Age Ended: How did it happen

What caused Adaline's age to end?

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Adaline's story

In 2015, Lee Toland Krieger's 'The Age of Adaline' became a quirky and poignant period romance movie for all ages that is directed by Lee Toland Krieger of the legendary 'The Vicious Kind' fame. As a co-owner of a large dog, Adaline lives a relatively low-key lifestyle in downtown San Francisco.

However, the premise becomes more complicated when we consider that Adaline was born on New Year's Eve of 1908. The aging process stopped when she turned 29, and she remained in her mid-to-late youth for eight long decades.

Mixed emotions from various persons

A curious chemistry brews between the charming Ellis and the beautiful Laurel. Adaline must make a life-altering decision while she investigates her curious case. While critics and fans expressed mixed opinions about the 2015 movie, Blake Lively and Harrison Ford's performances added spirit to the story.

Adaline Bowman lives a low-key life in San Francisco with a dog at the end of 2013. Adaline goes to a guy who has made a fake ID per her request. Even though Adaline thanks the man, she feels disappointed in him because she believes that his talents could be much better utilized.

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Adaline's work process

She takes a cab to work when she reaches her Chinatown home. As she plays the tape on the projector in the records room, Adaline realizes that it is something mysterious. During the projector's projection, Adaline Bowman's past gradually emerges.

She was born to Henry Bowman and Adaline Bowman on New Year's Eve, 1908. After marrying, she gave birth to a daughter named Flemming.

The accident that tragically killed Adaline's husband during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937 devastated her. A lightning bolt discharging half a billion volts of electricity struck Adaline's boat ten months later, almost killing her. Her heart began to beat again after two minutes, and she immediately became immortal.

Interest in gaining knowledge

A decade later, Adaline has kept the age of 29 for more than three decades, fleeing from country to country, assuming false names, and learning new languages.

In the years since then, she has lived a life on the run, working in secret and meeting his daughter in secret. A New Year's Eve party meeting in the elevator introduces Adaline to Ellis Jones.

Adaline introduces herself as Jennifer to Ellis, who is kind and flirtatious. Adaline ends the conversation abruptly when the guy asks for her address. Her affection for Ellis grows as she meets him again. The budding romance of Adaline and Ellis gets a scratch when Adaline's dog dies after the date.

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Difficulties in hiding the identity

When Adaline discovers Ellis has parents, she feels sorry for him and agrees to take him to meet them. However, she is shocked when she meets Ellis' father, William, who acknowledges her and calls her Adaline immediately. Adaline can't keep her true identity a secret while the memories flood back to her.

William reflects on the past, recalling how he and Adaline were "very close." Even though there are dents in his forty-year-old marriage, Adaline seemingly affected William deeply.

Adaline encourages Williams to finish his degree, and Williams tells his family. Among his proudest accomplishments is discovering a comet in 1981 that was supposed to pass by the earth but never did.

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Meeting of William and Adaline

William traveled to England as a young man and met Adaline outside London. Adaline and William spent a week together repairing her car. William was the only one who knew Adaline's actual name, and Adaline reciprocated the romance.

Also, she posed for a photograph with William hidden behind a mask. The resemblance between the two images seems uncanny to William when he views the picture now.

A convo between William and Ellis

It is always Adaline's habit to leave after discovering anything new. William encourages Ellis to follow Adaline after finding her letter. As Adaline tries to recover from her second car crash.

she crashes two more cars in a row. In the following situation, Adaline does not succumb to death, similar to the event that rendered her immortal. In the end, Ellis puts Adaline in the hospital.

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Happy time together

Ellis learns everything about her curious case from her as she lies in bed in the hospital. Adaline's grandmother introduces herself to Flemming when she meets her. Despite that, Adaline informs her that Ellis is aware of the truth.

The date between Adaline and Ellis is ultimately successful. The blessing of Flemming makes us believe that Adaline and Ellis will spend some more time together after this happy conjecture.

Ten months after her husband died, Adaline suffered a severe accident that halted her aging process. A lightning bolt of immense power hits her while her car falls into a water body at the film's beginning. The shock brings Adaline back to life, which works as a defibrillator.

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Is Adaline returning to aging

The Deoxyribonucleic Acid principle of Von My men, which humans discover men 2035, allows her to live an additional eight decades. Even if you are confused by the substance and Von My men, Adaline stops aging army men less.

The costume designer does well in era-appropriate clothing, but her choices make little sense. Unlike her, she has eternal youth while her daughter ages much faster.

Description of the Narrator

 It begins with a man narrating a story about a woman riding a yellow taxi in the clouds while the camera descends. The Narrator knows everything about her as though he is an omniscient presence. Also, he may be orchestrating Adaline's fate, which would mean he is her author.

'Amelie' uses a similar narration voice as the film. In case you didn't know, 'Amelie' is inspired by it.

Furthermore, Alfonso Cuaron's 2001 film 'Y Tu Mama Tambien' and Sidney Lumet's 1976 film 'Network' were cited by the screenwriters as influences.

The Narrator holds more knowledge about Adaline's state than herself and seems to speak from the future. As time and wisdom are created, the voice almost controls both. As a result, the agent is not just another character but is practically a divine presence in the film.

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