Happy Birthday, Chris Fischer, from Amy Schumer: 'I Can Stand You'

Happy Birthday, Chris Fischer, from Amy Schumer: 'I Can Stand You'

Updated on January 03, 2023 23:52 PM by Michael Davis

Amy Schumer is sarcastically downplaying her love for Chris Fischer, her husband.

In honor of Fischer's 43rd birthday on Monday night, Schumer, 41, posted a snapshot of herself and Fischer to Instagram. Gene, the couple's 3-year-old son, is the product of their four years of marriage.

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The comedian accompanied a picture of her smiling next to her husband, saying, "Happy birthday to my husband.”

"Chris. I can tolerate you, "In her caption, Schumer continued. "Please continue to stand by me."

The first time Schumer and Fischer, a chef, were publicly seen together was at a candlelight dinner in New York City in November 2017.

In February 2018, only a few days after the comedian made their relationship Instagram official, Schumer and Fischer exchanged vows in a secret ceremony attended by about 80 guests, including friends Jennifer Aniston and Larry David.

Schumer later talked about the couple's courtship, telling the TODAY Show that after a month of seeing Fischer, she knew he was "the one."

She said then, "We got down to business fairly swiftly.”

The couple has since celebrated several occasions, including the arrival of their son, Gene David, in May 2019. Even their cooking program, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, received an Emmy nomination for Schumer and Fischer.

In November 2022, while hosting Saturday Night Live, Schumer made fun of Fischer's autism diagnosis in her opening monologue and referred to her spouse. (The celebrity previously disclosed Fischer's illness in her 2019 Growing Netflix special.)

"His diagnosis has been really helpful to our family. Now if someone is telling a long, dull story, he will walk away, she joked. His behavior has given him a lot of abilities, and I now understand it so much better.

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Additionally, Schumer related a recent experience she had with her husband with the crowd, saying, "We were outside seated a few weeks ago. It was a lovely evening. I was becoming sentimental and said, "You know, even though these past couple of years with the epidemic and everything have been so stressful, nevertheless, this time being with you, being with our baby, has been the finest years of my life." It started to rain as I was saying this."

The mother of one said, “He simply looked at me and said, "I'm going to go put the windows up in the car," according to the mother of one. "That's my guy, yes. It's one of those occasions when we play the game, "Is he just a man with autism?"

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