George and Amal Clooney’s relationship, from meeting as friends to welcoming their twins!

George and Amal Clooney’s relationship, from meeting as friends to welcoming their twins!

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George  Clooney has come up with a never-failing way to stay out of unnecessary trouble as a renowned figure in front of social media. From a side view of 'Washington Post' updated on Friday, the Oscar-winning actor revealed that he handles social media by avoiding extreme exposure to 24/7 today's media world. 

The American star,  George Clooney,  doesn't engage in platforms that acknowledge or consider him a tricky matter 'if he has three drinks at Night.' He added, 'I don't believe you can be a star, and you've to be available.

George discovered how to carry oneself in the Spotlight 

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In a larger conversation where George recognized how certain film stars like Paul Newman and Gregory Peck worked before they passed away, he illustrated how to carry oneself ahead of the Spotlight.  
The 'Ticket to paradise' star said, 'It does not mean you do stupid things and can't be goofy, but it means to stand up for the things that you believe in, accept yourself with a little dignity. And both of them remained great humor about themselves."

At Kennedy Centre this month, George was honored with U2 and Gladys Knight as a reference for being an active participant in humanitarian collaborations and pursuits as a producer, director, and actor. 

Ethan Hawke, who directed George Clooney in the HBO documentary 'The last Movie Stars,' said that George is no wonder receiving such kind of prestigious reward. He said, 'It is interesting that he is getting honors this year as Newman also received it. Both fit into the long line of responsible artists, contributing to the American culture and civic leaders."
Ethan's final words were, 'Either you like George's politics or praise him for giving fun and money, and you've to regard his readiness to care.'      

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 George Is A Unique actor compromised to attain big Stardom

Another celebrity, Steven Soderbergh, who gave 'Out of Sight' as a 1998 masterpiece, starred 'George' contrary to Jennifer Lopez, uttered that the star is unique. He doesn't care about his politics and might compromise to reach his Stardom. 
Steven Soderbergh further commented on George's efforts of his 'Clooney foundation of Justice' aside from his wife Amal, a human rights attorney, "The default mode does not proceed you to such place of believing about fairness and to defend people who couldn't shield themselves. It will be great while people use sap for those aims but not in the right way the stream follows". 
"The Stream goes in the way of self-orientation which is being in a mode of drawing whatever you can from the business and from the world on the whole…. George is one of the few people who likes to punch upward, which is rare," added Soderbergh.
George Clooney, as a part of the 'Kennedy Center House, will feature on 28th December at 8 p.m. streaming on CBS. 

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